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Universal Planetary Period: Universal Mercury Period: August 24th - October 14th...

The Universal Mercury Period is a 52-day cycle of dealing with communication on all levels. Whether you are writing an email, having a conversation, or producing an album, Mercury allows for an exchange between our inner world and the inner worlds of those around us. It is also an opportunity to listen to the voice within and create from the inner dialogue that we are choosing to nourish every day. The brain, the nervous system, and the throat chakra are all powerful tools to support you during this time with Mercury.

Mercury is considered a neutral planet, meaning that the Moon phases truly dictate whether Mercury will cause challenges that inevitably create new growth, or support you by opening dialogue on new levels. Either way, exercise caution with your belongings during this 52-day cycle, as Mercury can reveal deception and leave space for theft or vulnerability. This is the best time to travel, read a good book, study, work abroad, and communicate with those who live on the opposite side of the world. Business connections and phone calls to those who pop into your consciousness can result in beneficial growth and expansion for your future. Go deep within yourself and meditate on Light and Love to resolve inner conflicts of the mind, and reach way outside of your being to connect with others. Mercury will allow one to stretch inside and outside in Love and express Truth in order to manifest beauty and balance and connect to the inner and outer worlds.

Keep a journal, write a blog, send a letter to an old friend, pick up the phone and call a family member that you Love... simply communicate and express how you feel to those around you. By opening up and communicating with others, new opportunities will reveal themselves. This is the time for change - stay flexible, be adaptable, and merge with all of the shifts in your most naturally positive way. These are opportunities for expansion and growth, and this is a very exciting time for change.

Mercury is great with children, so this is the perfect time to be playful. By working with the wisdom and knowledge of this planet, we learn humility and are reminded to stay Light and not take ourselves too seriously. Go with the flow, find bargains, travel, express, and put all of your creative ideas onto paper. This is a powerful time to be optimistic, positive, and purposeful. Utilize the strength of your mind and the will of your Sun center to maintain a positive mental attitude. The power of the Word is what is holding the Universe together. Bring out your gifts, talents, and intentions through speech, writing, singing, or playing an instrument, and express the Love in your heart with joy and confidence!

Call upon Archangel Michael - He who is like God - that gives success and intelligence. Michael is one of the seven archangels that sits at the throne of God, and denotes truth and knowledge through severity in the Sephorah Hod on the Tree of Life. Archangel Michael serves to protect us against deception or untruth, and will show up when we invoke His name and are needing assistance or help in any way. Michael oversees our human life mission and supports us in changes and shifts in our lives with His Divine guidance. Call upon Archangel Michael for support on your life path or for protective energy when you need Him, as he helps us remove our fears and walk our sacred path with courage and strength in Love.

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