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Universal Planetary Period: Universal Saturn Period January 27th - March 20th...

The Universal Saturn Period is a 52-day cycle that rules over the land and property, spiritual teaching and learning, and contraction or going inward to "know thyself". This is a time of reflection on the past year, what is working, what isn't, and where you are headed next. Saturn slows us down to evaluate the seed of all of our creations, what has worked, and what still needs some working in order to harvest the fruits of our intentions. She is the "Lord of Karma" and can reveal to us the lessons of our past feelings, words, and actions like a mirror in our lives through various people and situations. Learning, growing in knowledge and wisdom, and hibernating within our spiritual practices are beautiful ways to access the teachings of Saturn. She is the Divine Mother that teaches to have discipline and structure in life in order to access the deep inner workings of the multi-verse. The cosmos work through an exactness and preciseness that Loves discipline and routine. By tapping into this rhythm, we become One with all that exists.

Saturn is not a time to begin a new project, job, or beginning of any kind. This is a time to connect to the Earth, get into the dirt, and till the soil of our lives to prepare for the Spring Equinox where we will plant new seeds. Saturn rules over our longevity, getting older, and finding new patterns and ways of restructuring our lives to be the most beneficial in the years to come. We sometimes feel contracted during the Universal Saturn Period, which is a Universal gift to go deep into our meditation practice and listen to the guidance from the Higher Self. Do not take chances, and act more conservatively during the Universal Saturn Period because this time acts like a boomerang. Whatever frequencies you put out during this time will be magnified back to you. Make sure you are focusing on Light and Love and taking time to reflect on the good in your life. Saturn supports our practice and expansion into the higher realms of learning and awakening.

Call upon Archangel Tsaphkiel, the Contemplation of God, who bestows blessings of knowledge and understanding. Archangel Tsaphkiel is the teacher of compassion. She helps those who are working on forgiveness in order to expand into unconditional Love. When you are desiring to serve others with an open heart and let go of any pain of the past through compassionate acts of kindness and forgiveness, call upon Archangel Tsaphkiel to support you and guide the way.


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