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Universal Venus Period: December 6th - January 26th

The Universal Venus Period is a 52-day cycle that takes us into 2023 with the blessings of Love. Venus rules over the arts, music, dance, and F U N! This is the season for parties, celebrations, and letting go of stress to enjoy the beauty of life. Venus rules over nature, flowers, and our connection to this precious Earth Mother that holds us in Love every day. Take some time to connect with Gaia, send her your Love, and allow your soul to recharge and enliven during this time.

Venus is the planet of beauty. This is a wonderful opportunity to beautify yourself, your life, your home, and your personal environment. Enjoy the luxuries of living in the physical world through fine dining, new clothing, jewelry, or whatever calls in your heart. Spiritualize matter with Love everyday by sharing your heart with others. Infuse your passions into a creative project, paint, dance, and shine your inner rainbow. This is a pleasure-seeking time to enjoy massage, aromatherapy, facials, and manicure/pedicures to spruce yourself up.

Venus rules over Love, and this is the time of year when men can ask women anything. The forces of Love create space for romantic engagements like dates, short or long trips, and even marriage proposals. Reinvent your Love with your significant other, spice up your romantic life with some new ideas, and most of all - Love Yourself Fully and Completely!

Call upon Archangel Hanael, the Grace of God who bestows Love and Happiness. When you are needing strength, integrity, courage, and purpose, Hanael can help. Archangel Hanael teaches harmony by encouraging one to let go of sorrow and pain from the past and awaken to the powerful spiritual Light from within. By living a life of Love, one can attain ultimate happiness. Invoke Archangel Hanael to support balance and bring in the vibration of Love in every aspect of life.

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