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We Are What We See...

From the most expansive sunrise or sunset, to the darkest void of infinite nothingness, we embody this fluctuation by the simple fact that we are made up mostly of water. Like the tides on the planet, we ebb and flow or vacillate back and forth, up and down, and all around throughout our lifetime. This motion of energy allows us to experience our own infiniteness. When we get stuck and stagnant and lose our flow in this natural rhythm that life presents, we create a damn that can only hold true for so long. Lack of flow is dis-ease, poverty, and fear. Ease can be restored when we return to the flow. What does this mean? The way we perceive these powerful lessons that we incarnated to learn, leads to our physical life experience and what we manifest as our reality.

Allow yourself to experience the rainbow of emotion and feeling. Allow yourself to express how you truly feel on paper, in a personal voice memo, or with Spirit in meditation. Express instead of suppress. The way we treat ourselves and those around us is a reflection of what we see in our world today. It is time to mend the roots of lifetimes of lessons and grow out of the seeds that brought us up to this point of our existence. Not getting emotionally attached to what we remember, and not expecting a certain outcome to the stories we hold inside, creates true freedom. This is the freedom that sets the soul free to soar forward and ahead to the next chapter of this life. The key is to remember the lessons we have already learned and not repeat the same mistakes twice.

Look back at our history as a country and as a world. There are old wounds from years past that still exist in our society today. Every year we hold memorials and share stories about what we have overcome, only to see the same topics on the headlines of the news the next morning. What helps us manifest permanent healing? We must first have the desire to change. Putting all fears of the unknown aside, and not feeding into the "I can't" mentality. Next, we have to take action. What is the vision? .... World Peace! What are you doing every day to come closer to World Peace? Some ideas are feeding the homeless, standing up to injustice, planting a garden, praying for the world, being kind, doing random acts of goodness, and most of all - Loving the Self. Action creates action. Acts of goodness inspire the person doing it when they see the effect of their actions, they inspire the person receiving the goodness by feeling the effect of the action, and they inspire those who witness the goodness by all of the above. Goodness creates goodness, so indulge in kindness and compassion frequently and abundantly. It is healing because it creates Light. The Light helps to navigate through the darkest of times. The Light takes us back inside to remember our own Light. As we feel inner peace, we tend to breathe slower and deeper, and this also helps to promote more peace and a brighter inner Light. Breathe deeply, forgive and let go of the past, and be grateful for the good in your life now. Keep it positive and be Light.

This is a year to master the mind of duality. By mastering the mind and programming the breath and thoughts to the vibration of Love, we can create a new reality. It is time to rise above physical limitations and align with a more expansive existence. Life is filled with magic and wonder, and it is time to embrace the beauty that growth offers. There are limitless and infinite possibilities waiting to unfold. Love and let Love rule!

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