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Weekly Insights: 2 Push, 2 Pull, or 2 Play

Today's date is a palindrome and a very auspicious numerical code (2-22-2022 or 2-4-6). The Moon is the planetary influence of the number 2, and represents the duality of the waxing and waning shifts of the tides. Out of the word Lunar is lunacy and lunatic on one end and luminous and luminescence on the other. When we shift to one extreme of darkness or Light, we are out of harmony. The water element teaches us how our energy is in motion, to avoid being wishy washy, and to own who and what we are. Water is Divine and can shift and change fluidly. It is healthiest when it is not stagnant, but flowing naturally instead. Thoughts, words, and feelings leave a permanent imprint on it with lasting effects.

The best advice for creating harmony with the number 2 comes directly from this interpretation. In order to create harmony in the emotional body, there has to be flow. Energy has to move by letting go of stagnancy. Words spoken aloud need to be positive and reflective of what is desired instead of feared. Finally, it is important to choose battles wisely. When you are dealing with people and situations that are abusive or unwilling to see other perspectives, a shift in focus is necessary. Open communication, honesty, trust, and integrity support a luminous learning experience today, this month, and all year long.

Remember that the Light reflects the top of the sea and it becomes dark at the very bottom. Stay in the Light by keeping things Light. Look for what you are grateful for, see the best in others, and share in heart-felt experiences. Little acts of kindness go far. There is a lot of lunacy in the world, so sharing kindness can act as a life line for someone. We don't know what others are going through. The duality of the Moon can play a challenging role in the lives of those who are not strong in knowing themselves. The gift of knowing oneself creates compassion, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge that can support the toughest times we face. Embrace this stop on the grand clock of human time continuum, and learn what the Moon has to say.

Our greatest gift as humans is our ability to learn, grow, and change. Embrace the positive changes that continue to evolve for the greatest growth and expansion. Change is inevitable, but we get to choose to either do it joyfully or let's choose IN-JOY!

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