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Weekly Insights: A Friend To Me Is A Friend To Be...

Friendships in life come and go in different phases, but the one friendship we have our entire lifetime is the one we hold with ourselves. When looking up how therapists define good friendships, I came across this...

Fights for you when they need to

Respects you always

Includes you in what's important

Encourages you through thick and thin

Needs you in their life

Deserves your friendship

Friends are our greatest cheerleaders, allies, partners in crime, and counselors. They have our backs and we have theirs. But in order to be a good friend and to attract real friends, we must first have those qualities for ourselves. How can we be kind to others if we are unkind to ourselves? As within, so is without. To treat others with kindness and respect, we have first learned how to be kind and respectful to ourselves and our closest people and animals. Here are some great ideas to check in on to see if we are being a good friend to ourselves. If not, it's time to reinstate some actions of self-Love in order to create a relationship with ourselves that promote health, success, happiness, and Love.

First of all, we must listen to ourselves and follow the inner compass that is directing our dreams, life purpose, and inner visions and goals that drive us forward and make us excited to be alive. If we choose to ignore that inner voice, then we are ignoring our life purpose and nothing good comes from doing that. In order to do this we must have Faith in ourselves. Shutting out the negativity around us, we can make leaps and bounds in our lives when we believe we can and we follow our hearts. Turning off the negative voices of the mind is another important step. If we allow that nay sayer inside to take over, then we will never move forward. Staying present is important in order to move past the past and not worry about the future. When we are living in the moment, we are more excited about our lives and more creative and passionate about what we are doing in them. It becomes much easier to live with the lessons of the past instead of the pain that came with them. The present offers a perspective of acting from the now and not carrying the past or future with us. There is much more Light to see where to go and make decisions that support the greater goals. It is crucial to keep goals inward and not compare ourselves to others. We are all different, and we have a different purpose and journey in this lifetime. We can never compare our lives to others because they are not the same and never will be. Listen to the heart, eat healthy, exercise the body, be creative, challenge the mind, spread good vibes, and take care of the planet. When we are good friends to ourselves, we become the best friends to others that share these important values.

During the retrograde and eclipse season, take time to meditate on your relationship to yourself and to others. Are they honoring relationships? Do they bring healing, joy, depth, Love, acceptance, grace, beauty, or peace? Is there something you need to do to honor the self and those who you share friendships with in order to create harmony and balance? As we revisit the idea of relationship and friendship, what is truly important to you? The more real you are with yourself, the more real your relationships become.

"Love WILL keep us together!"

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