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Weekly Insights: Affirming Gratitude As A Living Attitude...

We understand the science of language and words, and we know that what we say is a "spell" that casts an energetic boomerang that returns to us what we have spoken for. Words matter... literally. Affirmations are tools used to support creating the life we are guided to live. They are simple, effective, and highly underrated. This is the same philosophy with chanting mantra, and aligning with the vibration that we seek to unite with in our lives. Psychologists have studied this for years, and we have had personal, life-altering changes birth out of repetitive positive affirmations. There is a significant difference in quality of living between those who say what they want to create, versus those who say what they fear the most. It is a human defense mechanism to expect the worst things while embracing the best, but we have to ask ourselves if it is working for us to spend so much time thinking about what we don't want.

The more positive thoughts and feelings we hold inside, the more we are able to manifest those things. It is the alignment with what we Love that manifests the Love itself. What we say YES to in life also says YES to us. It is a muscle inside of everyone that needs to be used in order to work for us. This New Moon is a very powerful one to help initiate a new beginning. Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to take inventory of the infinite blessings that life has already given us. It's the perfect time to create from a dream that has been stirring inside for a while. In the most genuine way, affirmations that we create for ourselves remind us, motivate us, and inspire us to be what we know we are inside.

"Every day and in every way, I live a healthy, happy, Loving life, giving service from the heart and receiving what I need to thrive."

Whatever it is you wish to align with - say it, sing it, and/or express it repetitively, confidently, and with Love. Each of us has the power to create the life of our dreams. Why not start now?


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