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Weekly Insights: Authentically Courageous...

It's one thing to pursue a dream, and it is another thing to pursue a life mission. To be oneself in a world of critics and judges is a bold endeavor. It takes the resilience of falling and getting up several times with the persistence of never giving up. The stories of the most successful people in the world begin with multiple failures. Falling down on the way to the top is the way to learn, grow, and become humble in the wisdom of understanding what it takes to be the very best. It teaches us to let things go, to listen to other's opinions without letting them define us, and to follow the beat of the heart instead of the group drum. The most fulfilling path is the one that is illuminated by the heart Light.

Our dreams take a nose dive when we take criticism in too deeply and lose faith in our own gifts and talents. There will always be nay-sayers to remind us that duality exists. If everyone gave up as soon as someone criticized them, then we wouldn't have some of the most amazing and powerful creations on the Earth. Not everyone is an inventor or leader, but we each get guidance and direction toward our personal path in life. There may be twists and turns, beginnings and endings, and successes and failures, but the path we choose for ourselves is unique because we choose it. It takes real courage to walk forward in alignment with our values and personal beliefs instead of following someone or something that claims to be more powerful. There are times in our lives that we are learning from others, being mentored by others, or are accepting guidance from others. This is much different than going against a personal belief or value in order to appease a powerful figure in one's life or collect a gift or large sum of money. The easiest thing to do is to compromise how we truly feel inside in order to be more comfortable on the outside. That exterior comfort is only temporary, while the long-term happiness that comes from following one's "gut instinct" is permanent. Just observing the world around us, we can see this manifest in the realities of beauty, politics, fame, power, influence, and in anything related to money. The irony is that these "material" comforts die with the physical world when we do. The soul comforts that manifest out of authentic Love and the heart's true passions are carried with us from one lifetime to another. That is why they feel so deeply fulfilling.

Whatever is blocking the most authentically real expression of the soul, this Full Moon in Leo is here to help release it for good. The Light of this solar sign will illuminate the areas that need change, and our courage to face them and let those areas go manifests as the wings that help us to fly toward our own personal freedoms. Set the intentions, invoke higher help of Divine guidance, and be honest with oneself on the next step forward. It is the year and the season for cultivating inner strength and courage to BE oneself fully and completely. That is the greatest gift we can give to the Universe in our lifetime.

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