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Weekly Insights: Cultivating Intuition For Inner and Outer Alchemy...

You don't realize what you are missing until you have what you have always needed. When I first started breath work and meditation, it was after graduating from college and completing my scholarship as a collegiate Division 1 volleyball player. I was in the "best shape" of my life, so I thought. Something was missing though, and it found me one day at Gold's Gym in a yoga class. What I realized over the past 25 years of practicing breath work and meditation is that there is an entire world inside of us that we rarely pay attention to. It is our own personal universe, and it reflects the outer universe from which we live physically. The more I went in deep, the deeper I was able to reflect outward in understanding, wisdom, and an intuitive "knowing". Looking at the world today, it is apparent that humans believe that money and power will give them happiness and freedom, when it is sometimes the exact opposite. You can be rich with money and energized with power and use it to help the planet and all forms of life, or you can continue the old cycles of pain and greed that controls through the abuse of power. You can empower others the way that you have learned how to empower yourself, or you can practice how to take power away from others. We trust our parents, our family members, our spiritual leaders, our government, and one another in all careers and aspects of our lives, and then we get to see how our free will chooses to play out by how we live and treat others and the self. Then we scroll out to the world and see the same choices on a global scale. It's all the same, just the platform and scale are different. It's all human nature and the choices we make for ourselves or for the whole. Do we see ourselves on our own, or do we see the interconnectedness and circle of life that connects us together as One? We can only feel connected to the whole when we are connected the whole aspect of who we are.

In the years that I have lived on the Earth, I have put too much trust in authorities of power and not enough trust in my own intuition. I have allowed myself to be in the presence of people that claim to be of good intentions, but never did. I have also been around amazing and wonderful people that have also had to learn these lessons "the hard way". What is beautiful about this process is that it truly educates us about the reality we live in. We have little black holes and traps in our own mind, and when we ignore them and choose not to work on them, they only grow and get so large that they blind us from seeing the Truth in the world. The greatest favor we can do for ourselves and for others is to go inward and self-discover. Learning how the breath and every aspect of the body and emotions work as road maps into who we really are and where the work needs to be done, is the journey into our personal freedom. While the so called "Masters" on the planet say the greatest gift in life is to find them, I now disagree. The greatest gift is discovering who we are in the deepest way. It can never be taught to us, even though we can learn so many different healing techniques. The deepest connections to my soul have found me while I was playing music, singing, playing in nature, and spending quality time with the ones that I Love the most. True happiness is all about connection. When we have the courage to go inward, we have the blessing of an outer reality that we feel safe, secure, joyful, and healed in.

This is the 11th month of the year, and the number 11 connects us to the intuitive, astral, psychic parts of who we are. It opens us up to another world of understanding that is much more expansive than what we experience in the material plane. Be open to discovering a deeper aspect of who you are. The more each of us knows ourselves, the more patience, wise, clear, and confident we become. When our vibration rises to the level of self-realization, there is nothing that can stop us from actualizing our dreams! Trust the heart, trust the guidance, and trust the process. Love is always seeking us as much as we are seeking it.

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