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Weekly Insights: Cycles of Endings & Beginnings...

Mercury is direct and we made it to the Fall Season. Change is in the air...again! There is a true art in changing with grace. Each of us has to face the idea of change throughout life, but how we approach it determines our future. There are a few words of wisdom we have collected in our lives throughout the years that have helped us move through big life changes and come out better than we entered. We hope that they are able to help you on your journey as well...

The first is that attachments and expectations cause the most pain. When we choose to look at everything in our lives as a cycle, then we inherently understand that there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. Our ability to flow through changes is simply in accepting them as they come, and not expecting things to be what we think they "should" be.

The second is that we have to accept change. By holding on to the past, we are not allowing the future of our highest dreams to manifest. Energy holds time and space. If there is something old occupying the space, the new energies have no room to enter. Closing an energetic cycle is painful. It is a type of loss that may include addiction, in that we are addicted to the e-motions, cycles, and feelings that we loop through over and over again. The biggest gift we can give ourselves is in letting go and accepting that it is over. It is acknowledging what happened, journaling, expressing artistically, releasing physically, and may include a fire ceremony, water cleanse, or some type of physical ritual. Whatever resonates, whatever it takes... it is very important to practice forgiveness and letting go until it no longer occupies the mind. That is when you know the cycle has ended, and it is closed. Holding on to a cycle without closing it becomes a wall between personal freedom and self-imprisonment. Freedom comes in letting go and living in the flow of what is currently happening and how we are currently feeling.

Number three is to FEEL. We have to grieve when we need to. We have to feel pain when we experience it. Part of saying goodbye is dealing with the thoughts, feelings, and actions that are crying out to express. Rituals help with this process, as do the elements and nature in general. We all need down time to assimilate powerful life moments. These are turning points and apexes of various mountains that we climb throughout life. The big picture is the medicine, because it teaches the lesson that came with the cycle we chose to enter. Once we get the lesson and understand why it needed to happen, then we have become the master of our destinies. There is ultimate freedom when the pain becomes the superpower.

As simple as these steps are, they can take as much time as we need. What is most important is that we move forward when a cycle has come to completion. One step at a time, this lifetime is about the flow, and doing our best with what we know at each twist and turn. As scary as some perceive change to be, it is all we have known since we were born. Nothing ever stays the same forever. Embrace a new cycle, a new beginning, and a new outlook on what is possible. With the gift and opportunity to live another day, comes the duty to make it the best day or moment ever. Choose Love, choose Happiness, and choose YOU! That is where it all began and where it will end, so listen and follow your inner guidance - always, and you will always be greeted with the joy of life as it was intended.

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