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Weekly Insights: Earth Actions In Gratitude

This Earth Day, take a moment of gratitude to connect with the living planet that gives selflessly all year long. It is nature that has been there for us on our happiest and hardest days. That tree we sat under to ground and heal, or the flowers that made us smile when we thought we wouldn't smile again. The smell of sweetness in the air after being freed from feeling imprisoned, or the sight of an abundant green mountainside after struggling through a desert of isolation. Ocean waves, fluffy clouds, or the soft hair of a pet that comforts us at the end of a long day. Nature has provided Hope at every twist and turn. What would we ever do without these moments to remind us of our humanness? Thank goodness we never have to find out... or do we?

Taking care of our planet is like taking care of a child. It takes commitment beyond words... it takes action. Our actions and inactions are the deciding factors of the fate or destiny of the great Mother Earth in our lives. It is not the Earth that will continue to suffer, but the beings living on the Earth that will have to endure the effects of our actions. The responsibility is personal and happens when no one is watching. Ultimately, the Love and respect that we have for ourselves is what shows up as a reflection in our surroundings. It is time to let go of the excuses and blame, and start Loving ourselves and all forms of life as equal.

Like the story of the frog in the pot of water boiling on the stove, we are living on a planet that has slowly been shifting away from natural ways and toward a more industrial lifestyle. The frog doesn't realize that it is being cooked as the water slowly comes to a boil, and in the same sense, we don't realize how far we have taken our ways of living away from sustainability. The Hope that we hold about the power to make a shift developed in the middle of the pandemic when no one was driving or flying anywhere. The sky was clear, the land was vibrant, and the smog and pollution greatly decreased. It was the proof that our collective shifts can make a big difference on the health and wellness of the planet. We just have the make the decision and put it into action.

What is one small step that you can make to show your Love for our planet? What sacrifices are you willing to make for the greater good in order to help restore harmony on Earth? There are so many ways to honor Mother Earth, and none of them are too small an act. It just takes time, Love, commitment, and awareness. One way could be shifting to a plant-based lifestyle, while another may be learning how to improve recycling practices. Whatever new beginning you wish to implement, make it a realistic goal and commit to it. It is a wonderful time to release destructive patterns in order to embrace the healing process of Mother Earth. The greater good is calling us all to step up our game. What is your piece of the puzzle? We honor your journey and join with you in the effort to create a Loving, Peaceful, and Healed Earth. Let's be the change we wish to see!

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