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Weekly Insights: Eclipsing the Past & Moonifesting Dreams

We are in another empowering astrological event with a New Moon Solar Eclipse at the end of the week. The Sun, Moon, and Earth are all in alignment, and this is a golden opportunity to make our dreams come true. We have had months of clearing, cleansing, and discovering what our priorities are for our lives. Now it is time to cut the cords to our limited beliefs, and fly to new heights with the help of our higher visions.

Eclipses all have their own themes, but they come in with Divine intervention to help create the greater cosmic plan. They also bring opportunities to eclipse, or cut, the patterns that keep us in destructive cycles. In some cultures, a Solar Eclipse is a bad omen, while in other cultures they are understood as "wild cards" that bring in surprising changes and opportunities for transformation. This particular Solar Eclipse is in Taurus and is a partial eclipse. The Moon is going to be directly between the Sun and Earth to create a crescent shape in the sky that blocks the light for a brief moment. It is a time when the subconscious and conscious, the inner and outer worlds, face each other. There is a lot to receive from this encounter, so make sure you pay attention to the signs. Taurus is the Bull of astrology, which is an Earth sign that symbolizes fertility of our inner creations and the ability to have patience and take the time to make it to our final destination. It is truly the time to release the limitations that have been holding back our most passionate dreams from manifesting.