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Weekly Insights: Freedom In A Leap of Faith...

It's Pisces season, the waning moon, a Leap Year, the Year of the Dragon, the Universal Saturn Period, and the week of The Hermit. This spells transformation all over the place. We are meant to be going through our own personal alchemy at this time, so if life is presenting challenges and tests that have us feeling stressed out, we don't have to worry. This is a moment in time when we are being pushed to evolve and create positive change. Just like the Earth is making up for lost time for the past four years with a Leap Day, each of us can tap into this "bonus" week of an extra day to help us be creative with the opportunities available at this time. If there was ever a time to think "outside the box", this is the moment to use our imagination to think bigger.


Taking a "Leap of Faith" looks different for each of us, depending on our personal limitations, fears, and obstacles. We may have a million excuses on why change is not the best thing for us right now... but then we have to ask ourselves, when will it be the best time? Humans have been self-trapped into limitations. If we live our lives afraid of the unknown, then we will never become comfortable with something that could possibly create joy, healing, and a positive impact on our lives. Life is defined by change. Each of us continues to change on the inside, and this directly effects the outside. There is no avoiding change. It is healthy and it is what helps us evolve. Hindsight shows us that leaps of faith into unknown realms offers great rewards. The key to moving toward our dreams in Faith is to believe in the best and let go of expectations. Energy moves the way it wants to, and sometimes life surprises us with how it supports our manifestations. As long as we stay open, trust, keep the dream alive, and believe, endless possibilities are able to flow. Allowing our fears to direct the life path is a great mistake. That is the pathway of regret and unfulfillment. There is so much freedom in living in Faith. It is sometimes the opposite of what we are sold in society. By following intuitive guidance, listening to the heart, and allowing higher support to lead the way, we learn the art of both listening and letting go. We stop thinking we have control over everything and we liberate ourselves in the cycle of growth. Whether the Leap of Faith is blind or in clear sight, there will always be something empowering to learn and receive. Sometimes the perceived "mistake" or "wrongdoing" leads us to something we never thought was possible.

Work hard, have Faith, and take big Leaps of Faith toward dreams without giving in to fears and doubts. Part of being human is the adventure, exploration, and deep seeking that we do in order to find our way. Without this process and the ability to grow limitlessly, we may never reach our full potential. Have Faith in the personal journey that is ignited by the heart and fueled by passion. The flame of our deepest inner desires has enough energy to Light the entire pathway ahead. Let go, let God, and watch the magic unfold.

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