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Weekly Insights: Freedom, Truth, and The Power of Choice...

It is a new month, Full Moon, and a new Universal Planetary Period. Mars is the planet of alchemy, allowing us to become the phoenix that resurrects from the ashes of the past, into our present and future selves. It is Independence Day, and a time of letting go of the control and influence of others. It is appropriate that many deep and painful realizations may manifest during this time in order to be released for good. We echo our clients when they speak about their challenging experiences that are manifesting right now in order for growth and expansion. Growing can be painful because we are stretching into our highest potential. Until we settle into our new skin, it can feel uncomfortable. The key is in living our Truth without worrying about where others are on the journey. All we can control is ourselves at best, so focusing on self-care is a healing way to move forward.

Studies show that lies travel six times faster than the truth. Is it because a lie is something we want to believe is true, or is it because we like to keep our heads in the sand and our secrets under the rug? Whatever the reason, it boils down to the fact that what we focus on, we become. When we are constantly caught up in lies and manipulation, we become lying, manipulative people in a society filled with the same. When we allow ourselves to be human, flawed, and imperfect, then we no longer fear the Truth, and become energetically "free" because of it. This freedom is never something you can buy or fake, and it leads to true healing, forgiveness, and letting go. It can be earned by living the Truth, and is rewarded by authentic people, conversations, and experiences.

In a time when the Truth is stretched and outright ignored in order to push an agenda, we really have to have hard facts and strong intuitive intelligence. Hard facts are often times not enough though. Many studies on politics in the last decade have proven that even when the hard facts are present, they may not matter at all. Psychologists say that holding people accountable can greatly help bring more value to the Truth. When there is no accountability, the lies can be backed by more lies and the cycle continues on. Playing the ignorance card and acting like you "don't remember" in order to never be held accountable is an act of "ignore-ance" or ignoring the appearance of the Truth. What do you live by? As a web of life, we are all interconnected. What happens to you, happens to me. May we all find the inner strength and courage to live the Truth, spread the Truth, and value the Truth over all else - especially over fear. The Truth continues to set us FREE.

Happy Interdependence Day!

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