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Weekly Insights: Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse...

There is another eclipse to round off this powerful Full Moon at the end of the week. Eclipses are signs of endings and beginnings, and usually involve a transformation that promotes a powerful change. There have been some deep challenges in this lunar cycle that have brought up opportunities to face fears and develop emotional strength and endurance. These were spiritual super powers that were earned through personal perseverance. This week brings all of it to a head. Mercury Retrograde adds to the mix by digging up the past for resolution in the present. People and situations from our past will enter the scene to help keep things moving forward. All in all, this lunar cycle is about clearing emotional baggage in order to realign with our most authentic self and reality in terms of career, relationship, health, and prosperity.

Each of us plays a role in each other's growth and development, as we are all parts of a whole. We inspire one another, teach each other, and train ourselves to respond to each other in ways that have worked over time in our lives. We create survival techniques that define how we act or react to each environmental stimulant. Some experiences are easier and some harder, but that is different for each of us. What affects our quality of living together in a society is our emotional maturity level. Since we are made of mostly water, our energy in motion, or emotions, define our living experience. Together, emotional harmony creates communities and societies that are able to work together for positive growth and change that addresses everyone - including all forms of life.

Each of us has a job to take accountability for how we feel. When there is discord, we have to address it, communicate our needs, forgive, let go, and move forward. It takes responsibility for oneself to have the strength to stop making excuses and own up to what we have created for our lives. Another important factor in living together harmoniously is not judging the self or others in any situation. Greater plans unfold in messy ways sometimes, and we have to be willing to go the long haul if we want to experience the blessings. The Lighter we are with our emotions, the stronger we are with our boundaries, the more accepting and flexible we are in our lives, and the more we truly understand ourselves will all work together to support a healthy, happy, and magical life experience. The workout program to start on this moon cycle is in strengthening the emotional body. The power of a positive mind and heart connection can move mountains. Drink lots of water, and live your Truth. Speak up, speak out, and listen to the heart. Have a blessed week filled with blessed creations. This is the lifetime to live the fullest and most joyfully because it is the gift we have right here and right now. Don't let another moment pass by unhappy and unfulfilled. This eclipse season offers a chance to clear out the old in order to bring in the new. Take advantage of it and take action - this life gifts us back what we put into it.

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