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Weekly Insights: Happy Winter Solstice...

Winter Solstice marks the darkest days of the year. Animals hibernate, plants lose their leaves, and humans celebrate many different holy days of the year. In this physical darkness, we take the opportunity to get good rest. The absence of Light triggers the brain to slow the body down in order to fully let go and relax. If you have been feeling introspective, slow, or even a bit lazy, you are actually aligned with the season. This is a time of simplicity in order to preserve energy.

Out of the dark days comes the Light of the holy celebrations. It is a time of birthing a new beginning and nurturing an inner dream or vision. For many people, this time of year brings up loss of Loved ones, grief, pain, and depression. In transformation, the Light balances with the darkness within us. This dance brings joy, and it also brings pain. The Yin energies of inward reflection are heightened this time of year, and sensitive people sometimes feel a lot of anxiety. Knowing what the darkness brings up for each of us is the key to moving through it more harmoniously.

When the winter season comes, we have an opportunity to heal. The only time the body truly heals is when it is resting. It is a great season to eat more veggies and greens, get as much sunlight as possible, and exercise daily. Part of "resting" is taking extra care of the self during waking hours. It is not pushing oneself until exhaustion, as that is the quickest way to get sick. Instead, finding uplifting ways to stimulate imagination and creativity is the best way to "Lighten up". In times of Light, we sometimes long for the moments that keep us indoors organizing, developing, and learning. This is the best time for all of those things. Acting in the direction of what feeds the soul is the best medicine. Instead of hiding from feelings and emotions that come up in the winter season, observe and be still like the caterpillar does in the cocoon stage. Winter is something we emerge from as a new person. It is the inner reflection that births change toward what we truly desire. We have so much to learn from ourselves during the dark days of winter. When we learn what works, we can be more proactive for our greater good. Conscious healing energizes the soul and motivates the spirit to grow and expand. Depressants tend to bring more darkness, so be aware of anything that triggers the liver to have to work harder than normal. Light brings the most healing during challenges in darkness. What makes you Lighten your energetic load? Whatever that is, make the best of the winter months by keeping Light thoughts, eating Light-filled foods, and moving and creating more Light-induced energy for oneself. Ultimately, each of us is in charge of our own happiness and actions taken to get there. May your winter season manifest the grace of the Light in mind, body, and spirit! Happy Winter Solstice!


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