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Weekly Insights: Healing The Inner Wounds

This week blesses us with a New Moon. As every lunar shift comes with its own astrology, this one is ruled by Mercury, the communicator, with an influence from Chiron, the self-healer. The New Moon is asking us to release our painful stories by no longer stuffing them deep down inside, but finding healing ways to clear, release, and let go. All of the stories that have been ignored or avoided never went away. They have stored up for many years and built energy to protect and preserve themselves. It is like a wounded inner child that has been locked up inside without an ability to be freed. Now is the time to embrace that pain, share it in healing ritual, and finally release it in order to embrace the amazing future that is ahead. This New Moon signals a new beginning. In order to begin anew, we have to let go of the things we don't to take there with us first. When we are able to heal our own wounds, we also awaken a sense of compassion for those we have hurt along the way. Healing from within affects healing throughout all facets of our being and our lives. Like a log that has dammed a river, once that pain has shifted, the flow returns and areas of our lives become nourished with Divine waters once again. Profound shifts in life manifest from these deep inner healing transformations. Whether in prosperity, Love, opportunities, or other, each of us has the power to unblock areas of our lives when we have the courage to face our inner wounds.

For some who have spent their days taking advantage of others, this New Moon can also bring a new wound to attend to. Wounds enter and leave our lives as teachers do. If the multi-verse continues to try to awaken us through signs and general feedback, and we avoid listening or changing destructive behaviors, then a more intense teacher can appear. This may look like loss, illness, accident, or revealing of a painful truth. April is ruled by Uranus, and this is the perfect month for change. We have to be open and willing to make positive changes to improve our lives if that is what we seek. We cannot tell the multi-verse that we want to be happy, healthy, and abundant, and then act destructively every day. For some, signs of suffering trigger more aggression, more destructive behavior, and more pain. What new cycle do we truly wish to manifest this week? Are we willing to make friends with the inner wounded child in order to move forward?

When we show up for ourselves and make space for our personal healing, we are creating great vessels of service and support for others. One can only help another heal a wound that they themselves have already healed. We have to walk through the fire in order to guide others through safely. The most fruitful asset that we have is our authentic nature. Being real with our own hearts first allows us to live authentically with others. We will never be able to control what is happening around us. We will never be able to control what others think or feel about us. Words are used to build up and destroy, and they cannot be erased once said. So telling the truth and not telling the truth is something only we can control within ourselves. Understanding this helps to alleviate a lot of suffering, because so many people are wasting energy trying to convince another of their truth. Let it go, and start anew. This is a time of rebirthing, and the old stories have to go.

Join us for a workshop on healing the inner child with ritual, wisdom, and plant essences. We will share more in the New Moon. We are in a powerful time of healing these deep and dark wounds. This is our opportunity to start anew and create big shifts of positive change. Stay strong, and follow your True North - your heart Light - now and always!

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