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Weekly Insights: Healing Trauma Together...

It's another Full Moon and holy time of year. This is an important opportunity to clear and cleanse, as Full Moons are energetic portals of release. This Full Pink Moon addresses the heart center. Chiron, the healer of healers, is present to highlight the past, helping us move beyond deep wounds while honoring the soul essence enough to let go, move on, and never look back. When we finally allow ourselves to release suffering, we gain freedom and the opportunity to live the most authentic, whole, and meaningful existence. This Full Moon is beckoning deeper realizations, more meaningful connections, and an honoring of the spirit within. This is the best time to cut cords. What areas are keeping us held back in an old story? It's time to allow those old stories to help us transmute the past and be open to a new existence that we may have not been able to see possible before.

This Full Moon reminds us that we are not alone. It is in our interconnectedness that we realize how the Universe works. We are part of a whole, and our interdependence is what helps us overcome our greatest challenges. Seventy percent of people in the US have experiences some kind of trauma in their lives. Twenty percent of those people go on to develop PTSD. This is a big part of why we have mental health issues that have become so big and difficult to manage. Research has shown that trauma victims heal more completely when they are supported by others. Social support is what contributes to our ability to be intimate and feel like we belong. When we have human companionship, we are more likely to show patience, commitment, and strength in the long haul of permanent and deep healing. We learn resilience