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Weekly Insights: Hopeful For A Brighter Today...

Hope is a great physical strengthener that serves as a life preserver during tougher times. Scientists have studied people who have a lot of Hope vs those who don't, and the research shows that Hope lengthens ones life, promotes health, strengthens relationships, and supports success. It has to do with our attitude and outlook on life in general. Those who are more hopeful are able to get past difficult times and thrive after great loss. They tend to bounce back after setbacks and actually thrive no matter what life throws their way. Hopeful people take their lives into their own hands. Instead of allowing a negative experience to ruin the day or year, they proactively guide their lives toward a higher path.

The trap that Hopeful people have to avoid is the land of false Hopes. Believing in someone or something blindly can cause a lot of trouble. We have to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. Hope in an outcome that has already proven to fail is asking for a deeper lesson. Sometimes we put all of our Hope in people and things that are on the outside of us, when really, all we have control over is what we choose to do. Instead of being out of touch or unrealistic, we can use our Hope to fuel positive thinking and fearlessness. Humility helps to ground overconfidence, and grounded-ness helps to overcome unrealistic expectations. We have to make sure that we always have two feet on the ground and that we live in reality and not a fantasy world. If things feel "too good to be true", then most likely they are. Hope is not an "airy fairy" concept. It is a real and concrete tool that can work like magic to shift our pains and struggles to healing and prosperous successes. Hope brings depth of purpose, and helps us to find meaning in the day to day happenings that define our daily lives.

When you have found Hope, hold on to it and don't let go. This little virtue can shift our health, reduce our stresses, give us purpose and meaning, increase our happiness, and help to improve our lives in general. It is the tool on the Physical Plane that can define our happiness and success. If there is no Hope, this is a time to cultivate it through positive thinking and truly believing that there is a pathway to joyful living. Hope starts with our beliefs. When we believe it, we can achieve it. We may not be able to see into our future, but we can be Hopeful that our lives are moving in the direction of Love now and always. May Hope guide your heart, your mind, your body, and your soul to personal freedom!

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