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Weekly Insights: Identifying with Love...

We all get to choose who and what we identify with. When we identify with something or someone, we feel more invested in helping, in serving, and in supporting it/them. This week, we are reminded of the wise, compassionate, influential, and consciously powerful Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his life mission of service. This is an example of a human who chose to identify with those who were suffering, poor, hungry, and/or underprivileged. It is an example of one life who sacrificed for the greater good of so many others. Each of us has the power to be someone who chooses to help others as part of our life mission.

On the daily basis, we hold conversations with people we have never met before, and we have moments with strangers that are sometimes life-changing. Biases and prejudices bleed through casual encounters, and we have little opportunities throughout the day to help bring Light to the shadows that have been living in our local communities by being bold and speaking truth and justice with grace. At the same time, there is a choice to remain silent, comply, and do nothing. Nothing forces us to create positive change through our actions, and we see this in the energetic and physical climate of our world today. It is extraordinary to be an advocate in a world of narcissism, greed, and selfishness. And in saying that, each of us has the potential to be extraordinary.

The truth is that there are many people who have dedicated their life missions to Love in the ways of serving others, helping the environment, and championing the underdog or underprivileged. There is a lot of good that happens every day, and there is a lot more good that is held as potential in many people that are not awakened to their inner power of goodness. Just like we learn how to be someone who works, drives, cooks, or does any other life task with joy, when we grow up learning the value of serving others without an agenda, then our Love and gift of giving becomes long-lasting. In saying that, we can also come from a background of never serving others and become a person that makes life-altering shifts through our caring acts and deeds. At the same time, we live in a world with wolves that wear sheep's clothing, claiming they have a mission to help others, while holding a greedy agenda to manipulate kind and generous people. How do we navigate through all of the duality on Earth? Why should we be kind and giving when other people are trying their hardest to take advantage of it?

The most important thing is to be kind. If there are people around you that manipulate, take advantage of good people, and are unkind or dishonest, there is even more motivation to be a projection of Love. It takes one candle to Light a dark room, and the same goes with acts of kindness. If the inner circle is abusive, then it is time to create a new inner circle. There is no guilt or shame in saying no to negativity, manipulation, and abusiveness. Creating healthy boundaries by taking care of the mind and breath with meditation, taking care of the emotions by not participating in drama, and taking care of the physical environment by forgiving and letting go, will ultimately set up a platform for our healing Love to thrive. Our giving nature may sometimes be seen as weakness, but that is the true paradox of life. The most gentle ways are some of the strongest and boldest actions we can take. Forgiveness alone proves this as true. It takes a lot to truly forgive someone who has betrayed trust, but when it happens, it bestows a sense of freedom that no money could ever buy.

What is important to you in this life? If it is truth, Love, and community, then the only way forward is through equality, kindness, and compassion. The time for compliantly allowing injustice to happen to any living being, including Mother Earth herself, is long over. It is time for the voices of righteousness to prevail, and the grace of Divine justice to lead us into this new Age of Light. The exciting part is finding where our piece of the puzzle fits best to help bring it all together in our own lives. Every day we chose to serve this lifetime with our Love, we are on our way to that answer. Need help?... call upon your angels and guides for guidance and direction. Goodness is delighted to support us when we invite it in and simply ask for help. It really is that simple.

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