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Weekly Insights: Impossibly Possible...

 The winter months are darker, colder, and slower. This is the time when animals hibernate and humans bundle up for warmth. The darker days lead us inward for deep contemplation. It is a time when we reflect on whether or not things are going the direction that we have intended. For some, the winter months offer the perspective that life hasn't changed much in the past 5-10 years. For others, it brings a gentle reminder to slow down and focus on what is really important. But how do we get into an "endless possibility" mindset in order to escape the feelings of being stuck or unable to move forward in a positive direction? The key is to expand in thinking, believing, and being in order to align with the bigger picture and a greater perspective.

Small thinking is limited thinking. It keeps us comfortable in a small box of ideas that restrain us from any change or growth that might be possible. Constriction, limitation, negativity, doubt, worry, and fear are all friends who work together to stop us from having the life of our dreams. The question is, will we allow them to do it? The greatest weapon against the friends of constraint is confidence. When we believe that we can learn from our past and grow beyond it, we are able to embrace confidence. When we try to do something instead of worrying about not doing it correctly, we build confidence. When we allow ourselves to feel awkward or strange in order to learn something new, then we hold space to grow in confidence. We have to become more of a "Yes" person vs a "No" person. The day we say Yes to something different, and we open our hearts to the miraculous encounters and experiences that life offers us, we help to strengthen our confidence. This is part of being in the abundance mindset instead of lack consciousness. The more abundant we feel, the more confident we will become. If we are focused on and worried about how we look to the world, how old we are, how many failures we have experienced, or how many times we have fallen, then we will never take a leap of faith. Confidence comes from accepting that we are not perfect, and working toward our dreams no matter what obstacles might get in the way. Some people don't fully embrace their life mission until much later in life. This doesn't mean that they cannot grow and develop into their potential, it just means that there was a different time and space for each soul to come into their mastery. Some people reinvent themselves many times over, while others stay in one area and root in and grow from an early age until the day they die. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but there are truly no limitations except for the ones we place on ourselves. May our hearts embrace the belief of endless possibilities in order to manifest the life we have always dreamt of living.

This Mercury Retrograde, take time to explore the mind and heart and feel into any inner limitations. Using breath, mantra, mudra, dream boards, visualization, affirmations, and positive self talk to create the changes you desire. Start living as though they have already manifested, and life will respond accordingly. It is time to be limitless, infinite, and magical from the inside out. Happy New Moon, and Infinite Blessings To You!

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