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Weekly Insights: Inner Transformation Creates Global Illumination

In these great times of change, we have to look within to create the transformation we desire around us. Global wars begin from inner wars, and inner wars come out of conflicts with no resolution over periods of time. True resolution rises out of the Truths of acknowledgement, listening to all sides, and understanding the big picture. We are dancing on a sphere together in the middle of space, needing to accept the duality of ourselves and others. We are blessed to experience different species, sexes, races, creeds, archetypes, energies, and types of beings all on the same planet together. Duality inherently creates sides, teams, and a sense of tribalism that feels comfortable. The protective sides of our brain casts away the opposite of this frequency, sometimes without any understanding as to why. It is in the fear and misunderstanding of our differences that abuses arise, and one act against a soul creates a domino effect of negative actions to many others. How do we lift ourselves out of these cycles of suffering? How do we overcome our need to judge one another for seeing things differently or believing in something different? How can the abusers get help and support to stop the cycles they are wrapped up in, while the abused also gets help and has a voice to be heard and acknowledged in order for the healing to begin? There was a time on Earth when these things were never talked about. Fighting, abuse, and conflict was brushed under the rug, and healing had no place to work. Today, we have more tools to help us have deeper conversations, greater understanding, and mediation in order to resolve the deep dark areas that act like a disease in our bodies, minds, and lives. Everything in the grander reality has a seed in our personal lives. We are all interconnected. Instead of writing one another off for seeing things differently, ask for the guidance and inner eyes to see what is true. Go to your guardian angels and guides that can see beyond the veil and ask for the eyes to see truth. Our power is in following our own hearts, inner guidance, and signs. The more we ask from sincerity, the more our prayers become revealed. See the very best in those considered the enemies. Pray for all life to know and see the truth, no matter what that truth looks like. Forgive those who have wronged you and forgive yourself for those whom you have wronged. Let go of yesterday and embrace today. Love and honor the heart, and the heart will illuminate the path. Focus on what is working in your life and celebrate the good every day. By each of us doing this simple work of clearing our hearts of shadows, we can help shine Light on the planet. The Light can heal and cast away the darkness of fighting, greed, and war. Breathe and stay present. We incarnated to learn how to Love without condition. This is no easy task, and it takes conscious effort to work toward a Love so powerful. May all beings heal, forgive, and Love so the world can see peace on day soon. Blessings to All!

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