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Weekly Insights: Is It Luck or A Blessing?...

According to scientific studies, people who adapt positively to adversity and don't let challenges defeat them, are more prone to innovative behaviors. This is the idea of constructive criticism, or learning and growing from life lessons to become better. Each of us have goals and dreams. What makes one person's journey so different than another's is how each of us responds to rejection, losing, or not getting what we wanted. Not only does duality strengthen the rewards when we achieve them, it also allows us to appreciate the little things much more.

On a grander scale, not receiving exactly what we want creates a blueprint for what is in our greatest and highest good. There is a bigger picture that involves all of the little details that our realities contain. Only the cosmic intelligence of the universe is capable of knowing what is best for us. What can be a blessing now may turn into a curse later. There is so much in the unseen aspects of our desires that we can never understand, and therefore it is important to never cling onto what we think we want now. Just looking back at the past, each of us can pinpoint a moment when we wished so hard for something that we are now so grateful we never received. The Dalai Lama once was quoted to say, "Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck."

We are moving into the winter months of deeper contemplation, hibernation, and slowing down with the colder, darker atmosphere. It is also a season of giving, spending time with family and Loved ones, and surrendering to the flow of changing of the year. As we contemplate our wishes and dreams at this time, remember that there are hidden gifts in the mishaps of life. When things don't line up just perfectly, we find ourselves creating new solutions, shifting the focus, and feeling stronger and more able to handle new obstacles moving forward. An attitude of perseverance is strengthened in adversity. Instead of leaning on others, we learn how to trust ourselves and listen to our own inner guidance in order to work smarter instead of harder. Most importantly, we have a life story that inspires others to follow their hearts and never give up hope just like we did.

No matter what dreams come true or not in our eyes, we are each successful winners because we are still here breathing, showing up, and doing our best with what we have in the here and now. May this last month of the year bring a fresh perspective and the ability to see how blessed we are no matter what the outcome is on any given day. Blessings to All!

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