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Weekly Insights: Language Stamps, and The Great Paradox of Life...

I have been sending cards through snail mail, and recently learned about the language of stamps. I was told, and then later read, that putting a stamp on an envelope upside down meant that you Loved the person you were sending the letter to. It got me thinking a lot about how we communicate, interact, or try to understand one another. Giving each other the benefit of the doubt and trying to meet each other half way is key to attempting to put ourselves in each other's shoes. Understanding is the key to activating Love. Even though we are in an age of communication, it feels like we have truly lost our ability to effectively communicate with one another. There are sides in all areas of life - religion, sex, culture, politics, food choices, sports, and basically everything. Finding our way back to each other and our similarities through effective communication is so important. As we know, it takes great loss sometimes to remind us of the importance of what we no longer have. It takes shocking actions and behaviors to wake up society to change... and we are seeing that it sometimes takes several and not just one. This is the world upside down. So, does that mean that this is the start of the return to Love? I want to believe it is.

This life is a paradox. It really is upside down. You see one thing on the outside, but the inside might be the exact opposite. This is why the only real way to navigate through reality is through the heart. It is the one place in us that is centered in oneness and not duality.

Things are not what they seem... most of the time. We live in extraordinary times, and that means that we have to step up our game and take extraordinary measures to align with the higher energies of the universe. The days of thinking we can sit back and expect someone else to "fix the problem" is long gone. The brilliant souls who have sacrificed their lives on Earth in order to teach a bigger, much deeper lesson should be honored through positive change and action toward a more just, fair, compassionate, harmonious, and gracious existence. That is up to each one of us as we live our daily lives. Whether you like or dislike someone based on their looks, beliefs, or life choices, it doesn't change the fact that we are all human and sharing a planet as our home.

Circling back to the upside-down stamp signifying Love... I have a lot of Hope for our country and the world right now because of how dark things feel on the outside. To me, this means that there is a lot of Light on the inside. The universe sometimes has to teach us through the struggles we put ourselves through. Just like the story of the fall of man, humans are stubborn and want what they want, when they want it, how they want it, and where they want it. If another living being has to suffer or lose in order for a person to gain, humans have proven that we will go to any extreme for our "wants", even if it mean taking another's needs. When we have exhausted all Earthly resources and no longer have what we want, we will be able to see how sacred, vital, and crucial the circle of life truly is.... but will that be too late?

May we turn the Love paradigm upside-down here on Earth and start being courageous with our Love power. The idea of Love upside-down is an energetic release is to be able to shake out our hurts, our pains, our disappointments, our traumas, and our sorrows. Letting go of expectations, simply BEing, and working toward forgiveness, each day we can make an effort to sew together the areas that have torn apart inside of us and our realities. This is the key to mending the wounds of the world. Each of us has to do our part to heal and let go, to dream and create, and to walk our talk and be bold. It is our prayer that we have the courage to do better. We believe it is possible. Do you?

Let us each send our heart letter, stamp upside-down, to a cause or person in need of our Love. None of us elevates until we all rise. The underdog is simple the humble and kind that have been overlooked or ignored. The ironic thing is that each of us has a piece of that underdog inside of us from a time and space on life's journey. We are all woven together. Nothing but our own mind can separate us from each other. We share the same air and the same subconscious dream. We have the opportunity to use our words, actions, and inner beliefs to heal and unite in this dream. Each of us has the power to turn this reality upside-down in Love and creative imagination. Bold, gracious, and kind, our will-power has the strength to overcome anything life presents in order to co-create a peaceful planet and inner reality. After all, as within is without - we have to be at peace in order to manifest world peace.


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