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Weekly Insights: Love-In My Dreams...

Each of us is driven by a strong desire to do, to share, and to be what we are manifesting right now. This burning desire of the heart is what fuels movement toward our goals and dreams. The fire burns more when we take steps toward that desire, and we put the fire out when we give up Hope and walk away from it. Whether the fire is burning for a career, a Love partner, a place to live, or something very important to us, what matters most is that we stay true to the heart. Living anything less than that causes pain, dis-ease, escapism, and other problems. Truth is not something you can talk yourself out of. The body and spirit only align with Truth. We can convince others that what we are doing is right for us, but if it isn't truly right, we will never be at peace inside until we make a change toward the Truth.

How is it that we get pulled away from our dreams, and what can we do to stay on track? Most people give up on a dream after failing once. The truth is that the greatest successes came to those who have had many failures. Failure can strengthen us and deepen our desire to achieve our goals. It gives us a chance to have a new perspective on an old idea. Being told "no" is not the end all. Sometimes that "no" comes from jealousy, envy, someone else not believing in the vision, or other people not believing in ones gifts or potential to shine. Just because we fall once, twice, or fifty times, doesn't mean to give up trying. It may mean that there needs to be an adjustment made to the approach. We have to ask ourselves if we are being flexible and allowing our dreams to take form in a different way than we expected them to. Dreams change over time. We can even become bored of the dream we have had since childhood. Our own boredom means that things are ready to shift in a new direction. Dreams are not stagnant. They are ever-evolving and changing because we are always changing and evolving.

Failure comes when we stop believing in the Self to do and be all that we can be. Maybe the vision shifts over time, but our faith in ourselves keeps the greater dream alive. That is the key - Faith in Self. Our surroundings are either nurturing this faith or killing it. Whomever we choose to surround ourselves with will either support or help destruct the vision. There is a saying about becoming who you spend the most time with. If someone doesn't like who someone else is becoming, maybe there needs to be an adjustment to the space and surroundings in order to have fertile soil to grow in. Rooting deeply and grounding is key in growing bigger. Once we feel rooted, then it takes daily discipline to achieve our goals. Discipline is like water to fertile soil. Every day, one step forward means that there will be an end day when the goal is achieved. Not moving toward a goal each day is not allowing it to have a chance to grow. The greatness of who and what we become is in the actions or inactions of our daily routine. Day after day, this chipping away at our goals is what great things birth out of. The moment we want to give up is usually right when things are about to grow and happen for us. Never give up on a dream that you hold deep in your heart, and your dream will never give up on you. All things are possible when we keep dreaming. As one of my favorite songs goes, "Without Love in a dream, it will never come true." Keep dreaming, Keep Creating, and Keep your Love-Light ON! Love makes all things possible.

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