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Weekly Insights: New Moon Evolution...

Do we see the Earth as our personal playground or do we understand our interconnectedness? Do we care what happens to someone we have never met on the other side of the world, or do we live as though they don't exist? The planet is reflecting our choice to turn toward life or to turn away from it. We share the breath, a planet home, ancestry that dates back to the first humans on the planet, and the cycle of life. What separates us is how we choose to use our mind, our emotions, and our physical bodies. The forms of life that help us to live each day are suffering to stay alive, yet we seem to think that we can live without them. The human ego has the ability to grow so big that it can blind us from seeing what truly matters. At the same time, there is so much Hope for the planet and for all forms of life. We can literally shift our unsustainable or uncaring ways in one breath. All beings can live in a way that honors and cares for other living beings equally and abundantly.

We are in a New Moon during the Scorpio astrological season. This is a time of transformation, self-discovery, and personal alchemy. It is a wonderful lunar cycle to choose the path, the people, and the conditions needed for our greatest and highest growth and evolution. This New Moon also has a Uranus influence due to its opposition to the Moon. Uranus is the great promoter of change - and rapid change at that. If there is something that needs to be shifted, now is a wonderful time to make a move in the direction of our highest good. It is in our courage to face ourselves, our ability to confront the Truth, and our willpower to rise above our vices, blocks, and limited beliefs that allow us to transform and transmute that energy.

Imagine a world where all living beings honor and respect other living beings. Think about all humans working for the greatest good without an agenda for personal gain. What would happen if we thought about the planet first and ourselves next? How would the world look without the need to overpower, dominate, or control? Think about what the world would would be like if we could all see the big picture clearly with open hearts and minds. The greatest philosophers say that whatever we can imagine, we can create. We have tried the path of separation. We have tried the path of humans before nature. We have tried selfishness and greed. None of these paths have led us all toward peace, happiness, and fulfillment. It's time to try something new. What are you ready to shift, and what is your first step toward that change? Ride the wave of this lunar phase, and let it inspire positive change.

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