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Weekly Insights: Obstacles or Opportunities?...

There are retrograde planets, Egyptian Days, Friday the 13th dates, Eclipses, Dark Tides, and of course, the Waning Moon. Some people look at these so called "transformative times" as either bad luck and big obstacles, or windows of opportunity that appear to shake up what is no longer working in order to make room for our highest destiny. They tend to be "scary" times because they are associated with the darkness. Some hold superstitions or old stories that are associated with different times of the year, and we anticipate that those things will happen again. This can be true of both challenging times and times of good luck. The New Moon is a time of darkness that brings a lot of good energy to create anew. Just like the womb, the void of existence, the empty darkness, and the home of creation, they all come from this lunar source. It is place we birth our realities into existence. There is so much power in the darkness, as it is where the seed gathers the strength to burst out into the Light.

Life keeps going, even if we stop or slow down. What happens in our lives only affects us when we are able to process those experiences. Some people have had such great traumas that they are unable to remain neutral when processing challenging times. Others have had much different experiences that allow them to become confident while embodying major life disruptions. Who we are determines how we perceive our realities, and this results in our successes and our failures. Either way, the Universe speaks through our life experiences. Are we listening, and are we open to growing up and out of our old patterns, cycles, and beliefs? Sometimes we hold great expectations that stop us from experiencing our lives fully and completely. Why is it that some people are able to turn obstacles into opportunities, while others succumb to fear, lose hope, or even give up? Life is constantly creating opportunities for us to learn and grow. We only have to open our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our mind to understand, and our hearts to feel what is coming in to teach us. The rest will flow as soon as we surrender to the Truth because, as we know, the Truth sets us free. The Truth is, whether we perceive something to be good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, wise or ignorant, etc. it simply doesn't matter. Nothing has meaning until we apply meaning to it first. In order to transmute challenges into opportunities, we have to learn to let the past go, forgive and let live, and have a positive attitude of the "yes I can" mentality.

If it doesn't just come naturally to see the best, there are some tips to learning how to shift the mind and heart toward success, growth, expansion, and potential. In the spirit of Uranus and positive change, 13 is the number for transformation. So, here are 13 empowering suggestions to help assist in transforming our current realities into wonderful opportunities.

  1. Believe that you can always rise from any challenging situations.

  2. Take action and do something to move you forward when you feel stuck (like exercise, etc).

  3. Trust in the process of life.

  4. When something is no longer working, be honest and let it go.

  5. Make adjustments and changes when necessary without overthinking.

  6. Listen to your heart and always follow your dreams.

  7. See a chance to grow and opportunity to change when something goes wrong.

  8. Believe you will gain something valuable from every situation, and be open to receiving after great loss.

  9. Focus on what is working, forgive and let go of any failures.

  10. See the best in yourself and be the best you can be at everything you set out to do.

  11. Speak into life that which you wish to become, create, and/or embody.

  12. Take risks for what you truly believe in, and put it all out there, regardless of the outcome.

  13. Ask for what you need, and anchor your life with gratitude and Love for what you already have.

We are the masters of our destinies. We hold the key to every door that needs to be opened for us to succeed. We are the inverted reality that we see in front of us. Therefore, it is most important that we embody and become what we wish to manifest. This is why it is frequently said that we must to do what we Love and Love what we do. Embody the Truth, and the Truth will embody you. Success can come from anywhere and anything, just as long as there is Love and Joy feeding it. Life is too short to continue on a road of unhappiness, and we hope and pray that the heart will always follow the authentic and genuine gifts that our passions offer. Seeing challenges is one of the easiest things to do. An attitude of gratitude, "yes I can", and "let's make it happen" may take a little more effort in the beginning, but it will always bring in opportunities. We just need to decide to never give up, and to always pursue passions of the heart and soul. Life is a magical mystery to be embraced and enjoyed to the fullest, and that is a gift.

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