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Weekly Insights: One Year Ends, Another Begins...

Whether you choose resolutions, beginning a new habit, a diet or workout plan, a new life commitment, a business, new goals, meditation or self-help practices, or decide to clean out the old life and start anew, the new year challenges most people to do things differently. Someone once explained their experience with resolutions as "a challenge I put out to the universe that never turns out right". Some people believe that when we ask for peace of mind and heart, the cosmos will bring un-peaceful situations in order to make us create peace in our lives. For others, asking for peace is a focal point for the next year's journey, and very helpful in keeping their "eye on the prize". Each of us views the new year and how to end or begin differently. What matters is that we are in alignment with our beliefs and taking positive actions to move forward with grace and Love.

Most belief systems talk about how beginnings reflect endings. How we start a new year is key in how that year will end. Therefore, it is important to start the year being the person you want to become in the coming months. If you are ready to give up a bad habit, why not reset on January 1st? Well, for some, this is way too much pressure. Can we really reset if we aren't ready to do it? In working with addiction and breaking bad habits, time and time again we see that those who are ready are able to flow with change and don't go back to who they used to be. Those who don't really want to change end up going right back to a bad habit even if they had a great experience without it. Our mind-set is how we program ourselves to believe that what we think is right for us - even if it might not be the best thing. For others, just the realization that they are better off without that bad habit is enough for them to quit forever. What recipe works for you?

The switch-a-roo is key in ending something for good. What are you going to replace that "thing" with that feels like a reward, is good for you, and makes you feel happy or at peace? The replacement is a necessary ingredient in creating a new recipe. When we became vegetarian, and again when we became vegan, there were a few things that we could not live without. Instead of giving up on our energetic goals, we found replacements for those things that we Loved. Today, we don't have a single regret or desire to return to the old lifestyle.

Share the wealth... it is so important to get others involved by using your transformation as a tool to connect, help, and educate others about the benefits of what you are doing. If you are going through a strong desire to shift, then there are millions of others going through the same thing. Sometimes sharing your story really helps someone who has been thinking about changing, but didn't have the will power to do it. Also, there are many people that just don't know a better way of doing things for the self, for other living beings, and for the planet. Taking about what you are doing can be very educational for the people around you. Just showing up to parties with vegan food has helped a lot of people in our lives transition who were once on the fence.

Action fuels more action. Truth feeds truth. Who we want to be deep down in our hearts is who we already are, sometimes we just haven't realized it yet. The truth of the matter is that January 1st is just another day, like any other day. What we choose to do every waking minute defines our happiness, health, success, abundance, and peace. Who do you really want to be? Now be that. NOW is the time, and every moment presents a new NOW. We get to decide when the right NOW is time for us. Blessings!

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