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Weekly Insights: Over-Power vs Power-Over

What we see in our reality is what lives inside of us. In saying that, sometimes we are completely unaware of the darker elements that balance the Lighter ones, and other times we choose not to see them. Whether it was this lifetime or another, when we were very young or in adulthood, each of us experiences someone or something overpowering. This could be a great misuse of power or it could be a powerful person that left a negative impression, but either way, a primal instinct we all have as humans is to desire revenge or reciprocity for abusive actions. Taking a stance of power over another living being can be for safety when it comes to a baby or animal being cared for, but when it is not used for the good, it creates a ripple affect of abuse. Even though revenge helps to make the anger monster inside calm down a little, it is not a lasting feeling that supports moving forward in the long run. Over time, people who have went down that road have had guilt and shame for their reactive actions. Fighting a low frequency with another low frequency is never the answer.

Faith says that there is a force in the Universe that always balances and corrects what is out of order. If the Light embodies Truth, Love, and Wisdom, then these three virtues will manifest in harmony at some point in every situation that tests them. Letting go allows the greater forces to make corrections and be the ultimate "judge and jury" in restoring harmony where there are imbalances. The greatest "power" one has is in not giving that energy in the form of "power" away to anyone else. When we react in a vicious way toward someone, it creates a new cycle of energetic correction. Instead of taking one away from the abuser, it continues the cycle and keeps that vibration alive and working its abuse of power once again. To remove oneself from this cycle means to disengage, unplug, or deactivate it completely. The monster needs to have something to feed off of, and not reacting holds the most power of all.

As more and more brilliant minds reach the age to be heard in this country, we find society being less and less tolerant of the abuses of power that were once accepted by the majority. This is in the form of all types and levels of hatred and beyond. What causes any species to look outside and make judgements when there is so much cleaning to do on the inside? A burning house must first stop its own fire before it can help the rest of the neighborhood. Instead of seeking power and control in others, we all have the opportunity to develop inner power and control. The ability to have the power to manifest the career, health, and love relationships of one's dreams is something most people would give anything for. The control one has over their emotions and thoughts is the greatest superpower on the Earth. Instead of looking at what we dislike about each other, we have the opportunity to correct the inner challenges that stand in the way of our ultimate health and happiness. This is the power of human-kindness. To be kind to oneself first will lead to the ability to be kind to all beings. Kindness is the entryway to the Wisdom, Truth, and Love that dwells inside of us all. That is where we can meet and find common ground.

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