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Weekly Insights: Power in Justice & Goodness...

For a few years, I had a really hard time accepting that someone I trusted with every thread of my being could be so dishonest and deceiving. All humans have to face the shadows of humanity at some point or another in life, just like we all have to face our own inner shadows. Some go as far as saying that our inner shadows are what manifest our outer shadows. Either way, life is certainly not perfect, and we are each blessed with lessons to make us stronger. It is our Faith that ultimately gets tested. Do we react and allow it to bother us, do we get revenge, or do we self-heal, meditate, and/or pray on the situation, while letting it go to our higher help?

Power can come from Love, it can offer security, and it can also show up with abundance to save the day. Power has the ability to align speech and action, or it can completely disregard what is righteous, while acting from a place of selfishness. Power in the wrong hands can be extremely destructive, but in the right hands it can create miracles. There is false power that we can watch on television or in movies, or see flex their "muscles" on someone out in public. True power sometimes comes off as weakness because it has nothing to prove to anyone. Real power comes from genuine and authentic Love.

If no one is watching, there are no cameras, or no one else is around, does that change the way we act or behave? When we have morals, the answer is "no". As much as there are great people doing wonderful things - unfortunately, there are also people in the world that look for opportunities to misuse their power. The planet Mercury creates moments and opportunities for deceit, but it also opens the mind to our God-given intelligence to be able to see darkness for what it is. Since we are in the Universal Mercury Period right now, and Mercury just went direct after being retrograde, we can allow our awareness to help bring accountability, protection, and righteousness to the areas that need it the most. The Truth is that there are never moments when "no one is watching". The Universe is always watching, and nothing gets by the all-knowing eye of the cosmos.

Through observation, we have been able to see the results of various behaviors over time. When someone supposedly "gets away" with something corrupt, we only get to see the 10% of reality the physical world shows us. What we don't know is that there may be mental anguish, deep struggle, and many painful challenges that come along with living a life void of virtue. Over time, all of the poor behaviors eventually catch up to the perpetrator, and justice always prevails. The moment of this final event is defined as "Divine Timing". The problem with this "Divine Timing" is that it never happens when we want it to happen. It may not be the big event desired, but it will always hit the areas of life that truly matter the most. That is gift of a higher justice.

What does it mean to "pursue justice"? In a court of law, it means that the justice system is there to help the innocent, the oppressed, and the wronged, while holding the guilty accountable. For the individual, having accountability is most important on a day to day basis for survival. When we observe injustices occurring repeatedly, we sometimes lose Faith or lose Hope that goodness can or will prevail. This can affect our health, relationships, and overall happiness. There are times when we feel staying silent is the best thing to do. Perhaps we don't want to get involved, we don't want to create conflict, or because maybe we aren't sure if our words will actually make a difference. One injustice gives birth to another, and the cycle continues to grow bigger and bigger. Like a web of lies, they all tangle together and form a mountain of pain that eventually falls to its death. When we have strong beliefs, but we don't act upon them, we feel badly about ourselves. It not only allows the poor behavior to continue, but it ultimately plants a seed of disappointment in our hearts that can have bigger karmic results as time goes on. We feel good when we act responsibly. We grow out of the Truth and from the fulfillment of our highest destiny. Inequality not only causes great imbalances in the web of life, but it also starts a cycle of allowing darkness to continue to cause pain and struggle for a longer period of time. Our personal sacrifices of speaking Truth, calling out what we see, and not allowing little or big injustices to happen in our presence actually builds up the muscles of strength of heart, of mind, and of spirit. It puts us in alignment with God energy, and charges us with the Light needed to have the strength to live virtuously.

Remember that no matter how intelligent, rich, beautiful, or powerful someone may seem, if they don't live a life of virtue, they ultimately are powerless and empty. Goodness and Godliness are interchangeable. The rest is just the shadow pretending and "faking it until they make it". Real power comes out of pure Love. Live with Love, and you will attract more people, experiences, and situations to reflect that Love with and upon. In spirituality, it is taught that every 13th person in a group of people is a "Judah". This means that in a small group of 13 people, there will always be an antagonist that desires to engage in deception, or perhaps cause pain and suffering. The most important thing is to never allow that energy to bring you down to their level. Forgive, let go, and observe how the Universe operates. Eventually, all roads lead to the Truth, and the path of Love will never fail. Who do you want to be in this lifetime, in this body, and in this reality? If you want to feel good, then act good. Like attracts like. When you live a life of Love, then Love will follow you wherever you go. In the heart space, we all remember who we really are. Like the old saying goes, "Stay True to who you are - all of the other people are already taken." Just stay True to Love, and Love will guide the way...always and in all ways.

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