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Weekly Insights: Reflecting...

When it comes to having long-term success, who we are on the inside has a big weight on the scale of importance. How can we tell if we are getting in our own way of a happy, abundant, and successful future? To start with, we have to be able to look at ourselves honestly in order to see who we really are. Self-knowledge is self-empowerment. When we understand our strengths and weaknesses, we can begin to understand where the work begins. What we think of ourselves lays a foundation of how far we can go. When we think we can, then we can. Those who see areas to be worked on and make positive changes are able to go beyond personal limitations. Those who don't think they will ever have to change, making excuses and blaming others for failures, will be stuck in the same cycles until they are able to get themselves out. Mistakes are great teachers, and when we can learn from them and grow, we gain another spiritual degree in the school of life.

Each of us attracts who and what we are, including the people, places, and situations that we encounter. When our thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs are all in alignment, then there is a clear road for our dreams to travel toward us. When we are living in the past, we create more experiences to mirror it. Focusing on the future too much creates anxiety and unnecessary worry and stress. Thinking about the worst things that could happen, creates a carbon copy of those negative thoughts in our realities. A healthy mindset of seeing the best in the worst situations, and always looking for the silver lining, attracts great outcomes in even the most dim circumstances. Life is always offering opportunities to become better and better. Are we taking those opportunities and making positive changes? When the answer is "Yes", then skies the limit.

As we get closer to the New Year and a fresh start, the winter months create a space of self-evaluation. Was this past year considered "successful" in health, Love, career, friendships, creativity, and play? Why or why not? What areas need more attention, help, energy, or focus? In order to know where to go, we have to understand what got us here to begin with. A little time contemplating who we are and where we have been can give back abundant gifts. Every living being deserves the best that life has to offer when they believe they do. Let's align our inner worlds to our big life dreams, wishes, and aspirations and take positive steps toward those realities. There is no time like the present, and the gift of this new beginning in 2023. We are each a product of a vision and a dream, and the greater the dream, the greater the manifestation. Dream BIG!

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