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Weekly Insights: Strength, Gentleness, & Love in 2024...

The year of 2024 offers a strength aligned with a gentle will. Gentleness is defined as "the quality of being kind, tender, or mild-mannered". It is seen publicly as a polite, compassionate, intentional, and humble spirit. Often times, this gentle will is viewed as weak, but the truth is that to be able to create and manifest without the misuse of power is true strength. When we lose the ability to control ourselves, we may act out through anger, violence, or aggression. This is the moment that we completely lose our power.

A kind and gentle attitude is in tune with the energy of Spirit. It is so much easier to practice gentleness when we like the people we are interacting with. The greatest challenge is to be kind and gentle around those who are unkind, have mistreated us, or don't agree with us. It is actually and act of faith to live in a way that is gentle in a world that can be so dark and cruel. It proves that we are able to surrender and not react negatively, understanding that there is a higher power and greater energy that always brings justice at the most perfect time. This doesn't mean that we can't be honest and forthright about injustices that we experience, it just means to speak and act from a place of gentleness vs reacting from a place of ego. Self-righteousness leads to pride, condemning others, and sometimes violence and the mis-use of power. It comes from a place of narcissistic mentality, always putting oneself before everything and everyone. It is great to speak one's truth, stand up for oneself, and Love oneself on all levels. When we practice self-Love, it feels much different than when we practice disrespectful, rude, or aggressive behavior to get our way. The opposite of a gentle heart is callousness. It is a "cruel disregard" for others and the definition of weakness. True strength is deep inside and cultivated by the power of Love. Kindness, compassion, and generosity are all qualities of the strength we can cultivate now and always.

The gift of 2024 is Venus. It is through nature, Love, play, harmony, and beauty that we will grow and thrive this entire year. No matter what we see in our world, no matter how much war and misuse of power there might be, and no matter what choices others are making around us, it is our greatest and highest job in this life to stay soft, gentle, kind, compassionate, and Loving. True strength, and the grace of the Divine all live, grow, and expand through a gentle will. Choose a gentle will and watch your inner Love create the magic in your life all year long.

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