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Weekly Insights: The Fork In The Road...

We all have our boundaries, and the more clear we are on what we accept as "okay" in our lives, the better the outcome will be. This week, we enter Summer Solstice with a New Moon vibration that is calling in our deepest wishes and desires. Neptune aligns us with how we truly feel inside, while Mercury provides a platform for clear communication. When we set healing boundaries in our lives, we are communicating that we will only put up with so much before we step away. We have more self-Love than we have the need to participate in whatever the topic may be. That is a line in the sand that will provide us with blessings both now and deeply into our futures. So what is it that creates this profound "line in the sand"?

The Truth is the number one reason why people hold strong boundaries. When you have people in your life that cannot live with the truths that you share with them, the truths that come up between you, or the truths that are held deeply in your heart as beliefs, standards, or morals, then there is no where left to go but out. There are some topics that have no flexibility. When we reach this point in a relationship, job, or life experience, then we have no other choice but to speak up and get out.

Why do we get to this point with people? It all boils down to what we are comfortable accepting. Some cannot accept other people when they don't abide by their personal beliefs or moral standards. Other people allow others to hold different thoughts and beliefs without letting it bother them. What is the topic? How extreme is the belief? As every situation is so different, our personal flexibility has a big part of how accepting we are with one another. When we fully accept ourselves and others, then we are open to understanding each other's differences.

Do we actually spend the time to understand one another? This is a big problem in today's society. Time is something that people feel they never have enough of. If we don't even have the time to take care of ourselves, how do we have time to understand one another? Humanity is known for rejecting the things we don't understand. But in order to truly understand, we have to take time in our lives to do it. If the topic is not important to us, then we won't give it the time of day. As the world gets more and more complicated, we have less time to take to understand one another. Our understandings decrease, and then we separate from one another and never talk again. The best thing we can do to keep things together is to take the time to understand one another. When it is a relationship we care about, then we always have enough time.

What direction are we going? Those who are moving in the same direction with us find peace in moving forward together. Otherwise, we shift and find our tribe in another pool of energy. The proverbial "fork in the road" happens when major life shifts happen. You go this way, and I go that way. It may be a physical move, a new beginning, a relationship change, career shift, or it may be because of personal beliefs and lifestyles. We hear people say all of the time that they want to move to another country because of the politics here in the USA. There are so many directions to take, and when our roads split, we may never speak again. Is this the final cut that separates us indefinitely?

Whether boundaries are held by physical space, beliefs, understandings, or truths, they exist to help vier us into new healing directions. As long as we are authentically listening to the all-knowing heart and intuitive guidance of the soul, then we will always be taken care of. It is only when we move away from our personal journey, truths, and beliefs that we get in trouble. Set boundaries, draw healthy lines in the sand, and make it clear that you will be okay with this and not that. It is through clarity that we can see our personal paths and live them fearlessly. The greatest blessings come in living our personal Truths. May the Truth always guide you on! BLESSINGS to you and all!

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