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Weekly Insights: The Missing Piece in World Peace...

Why all the fussing and fighting? There are more people meditating and practicing the art of yoga, relaxation, positive thinking, and every other self-help exercise out there than ever before in history... yet, we have the most discord when it comes to working together for a common goal. The Devil archetype enters the scene this week, and what a wonderful time it is. All of the shadows that we see in our politics, gun violence, human rights, climate changes, power struggles, and more are caused by humans who have chosen to turn their backs to the Light in order to focus on the darkness. These are choices, and that is why we can also make different choices to turn around and face the Light instead. The Light allows us to see the Truth and feel the benefits of living in alignment with that Truth. The shadows offer a false happiness that is fleeting and inauthentic. Once the Light shines, the warmth and energetic charge it provides can nourish the soul for a lifetime. So how do we work toward a more harmonious way of living together in the Kali Yuga (Age of Darkness)?

How much time do you spend praying for your enemies? How often do you take the time to ask for Divine guidance and allow higher forces to take over in situations that feel unresolvable? Sometimes the hyper-focus on a problem just amplifies the issue instead of giving it breathing room to heal. When an issue feels too big to resolve alone, do your part to let it go, and then ask your guides and guardian angels to help pave the way and take over. There are so many stories of doctors with patients that they could not help. They would write their names down on paper and then pray over them, asking for the Light to bring healing. The results have consistently proven that allowing a higher force to take over, while praying for the best and highest good, forgiving, and letting go, a problem has a chance to permanently heal. It has shown to be simply miraculous. We as humans are physical, and the physical world is the most dense and most difficult to change. It is in our thoughts, prayers, and dreams that we can truly shift and change the seemingly impossible. The higher worlds of the mind and heart are where we make the greatest shifts and changes. So when you feel helpless, take actions that make you feel you have done your part, and then let the rest go to a higher power. Instead of being a bottom feeder that complains, blames, and shames, be a top riser that seeks a Lighter, more liberating, free, and blessed existence. When we choose the higher path, we lift the heavy weight that sits on top of peace for not just us, but for all. Just like the Marcus Aurelius quote says, "The best revenge is not to be like your enemy."

What is the missing piece in world peace? It is each of us having our own inner peace. Inner peace doesn't come from stretching or working out - although those things help us to feel better. It doesn't come from proving ourselves to be right, or from taking selfies, getting "likes", or getting more people to watch us on the internet. Both inner and outer peace come from resolving inner conflicts, letting go of the past, and being present in the now. To be fully present, we are asked to be mindful about our needs of work, rest, play, exercise, meditation, and creativity, while finding the middle ground. Research shows that peaceful people let go of toxic relationships, grudges, blame, victimhood, perfection, and material dependence. Peaceful people find peace in allowing and not pushing, and in being a magnet for blessings instead of chasing them. They are also not afraid of living outside of the "comfort zone", but instead decide to stretch themselves energetically in order to find greater ways to expand and grow toward a higher destiny. The missing piece of the great big peace puzzle is in each and every heart. Be real, feel, and reveal the inner layers to peel in order to heal. This life is a great big wheel... of Fortune!

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