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Weekly Insights: To Be A Mother...

To mother your knee means to rest or nurture it. The mother load is a source of very valuable materials. To be a mother hen is to be someone very outspoken or protective. The mother of all things is the biggest of them all. When someone asks if 'you kiss your mother with that mouth?', they are referring to the mother's purity. When everyone and their mother show up, there is a very large assortment of people attending. Referring to someone who could be his mother, means that she has reached a level of maturity in age. Mothers are known as being nurturing, valuable, protective, outspoken, grand, pure, mature, and responsible - even in the slang of the English language. Every life has a mother to thank for carrying and birthing them into this world. Every living being had to move through the body of a mother in order to incarnate onto the Earth. We would like to extend our Love and Gratitude for all of the mothers on Earth and beyond. Thank you for your Love and sacrifice for something beyond yourself. May your Loving ways be returned to you one million-fold!

This Mother's Day is a wonderful opportunity to extend the Love, compassion, kindness, and care of all mothers in the world. It's a great time to nurture something that truly needs mothering, whether that is a garden, a neighbor, a family member, a local business, or a charity that is making a difference in the world. When we tap into what we are grateful for, it expands us into becoming the extension of that source of gratitude. Each of us has the ability to live in ways that promote an attitude of gratitude. We all have the ability to make a positive difference in our own lives and in the live of others. It's as simple as a smile, and can be as big as we dream it to be. In this new month, new moon, and eclipse season, let us all be brave enough to live in the present moment with our hearts open, giving and receiving Love. Each of our efforts combined together create the world we live in. Let's birth Love and be the mother load of all mother loads of Peace, Grace, and Compassion.

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