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Weekly Insights: To Be Silent or To Speak Out?...

Time reveals the next step of the journey. There are times that you may wonder, 'How did I manifest all of this?'. Even when you are cleaning the house or sitting around doing nothing physically, you are always creating with the mind and heart. All of the sudden, enough energy tips the scale toward that inner focus, and a new reality manifests.

This Mercury Retrograde creates the space to look back and see how far we have come. There are always areas that we may feel we could have acted or spoke out, but didn't. This is a time to reflect on what and why these choices were made. Mercury is the universal influencer right now, and it is retrograde - meaning it has taken a turn in a new direction on the path forward. Mercury rules over the mind and our inner and outer forms of communication. As we cycle back through times of reflection, we can see a bigger picture and make choices to either continue to be silent or to speak out. Why is this choice so difficult for some people and easier for others?

Silence has been thought of as the wisest path by many people and many cultures throughout the years. We are told 'It is better to remain silent than to be thought a fool', and that 'Silence is golden', or 'Saying nothing is saying everything'. Personally, we have bought into this belief because it allows the space for people to seek the Truth for themselves. When they don't have a desire to find out what is really True, it is apparent that there is no desire for the Truth at all. Because someone is silent, it doesn't mean that they don't care about telling their story. The Truth is a Divine quality that holds a very high frequency. There are not many beings that hold Truth higher than their own personal desires or fears. As crazy as it sounds, most people who teach the Truth, don't actually buy into it. Power has a very strange effect on even the most spiritual of people. Truth unfolds in Divine timing. It is never when we want it to happen, but instead when the multi-verse wants it to happen. Hold faith when people are spreading untruths about you - the cosmos are watching and all will be balanced one day.

Talking all of the time, sharing personal beliefs over facts, and needing to be the authority of how other people think, combine to create a very dangerous recipe. Most of today's cults and mind-control methods begin this way of what is called "grooming". Those who feel the need to share a script of what 'really happened' are usually speaking to influence, rather than speaking to inspire. As someone once said, 'If talk is cheap, then being silent is expensive. And many people it seems, can't afford to buy into it.'.

Personally speaking, it has been a great blessing to remain silent about all of the corruption we have witnessed in the past decade. We have been yelled at, cursed at, threatened, served papers from high paid lawyers, and kicked out of communities and businesses because we knew the Truth. We were threatened to keep silent because the Truths we behold could destroy a false reality that has been created in order to manipulate people for money. As we move into an entire new reality, we reflect on those who have reacted to our silence, and we feel grateful. Every action and reaction fuels our healing in a different way. With the support of the Truth, the Love in our lives, and all of the Wisdom we have gained throughout the years, there has not been a better choice than to remain silent. Silence is our teacher and the great witness of bigger Truths.

May your inner reality manifest the life you deserve, and may Truth find its way to you, no matter what is trying to stop it from coming out.

"Most people talk when they have nothing to say. I'm not talking because I have too much to say." - Megan McCafferty

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