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Weekly Insights: We Are One, We Are Nature...

Mercury is Retrograde and the Moon is waning; the Universe is providing a healing space for us to let go of the past. As we observe a flower growing from seed to bloom and eventually dying, we understand the impermanence of our own nature and that everything works in cycles. We also see how nature is always in the moment, facing whatever is in its present reality. Responding to the immediate stimuli, everything in nature works together like a symphony. There is joy and creation as well as as death and decay. The key to it all flowing so Divinely is nature's ability to simply BE.

Buddha was an enlightened being, but this didn't happen until after he spent time under a tree that endured its own cycles. He was able to see that everything is part of everything else, and that there is no separation. Learning from the natural world is, and always has been, our most pure teacher. These Buddhist teachings gave birth to Zen Buddhism and amazing people like Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh - who has recently passed away. Every being on this planet is a teacher, and this particular teacher shared his passion for peace and nonviolence through his inward practice of meditation and his outward practice of service. These teachers shared that our ability to acknowledge our interconnectedness to all that exists is what fuels our drive to be one and together instead of separate. They have shared the importance of working together, but they also shared the importance of embracing change.

In our ability to BE, we become part of something greater than ourselves and see how we are all connected. The physical world has infinite ways to bring us either toward or away from our spirit, and an equal amount of magical ways to support us in connecting to our greater purpose and life path. With a limited ability to control our realities, we get to choose what we want to invite into our lives in each moment. Like the Yin/Yang symbol, we are cycling through time and space in a sacred dance of light and dark, where both forces are present within the opposite.

Humans are the ones who have coined the dark times as "bad", and the light times as "good", but the truth is that it just is. When something circles through our minds over and over again, that is a sign that there is something unresolved within. Take this week to communicate (verbal and non-verbal) with those who you feel you need to in order to have peace on a physical or spiritual-soul level. The resolution is all within, and when we have faced our fears and the people and situations that challenge us, we have allowed our healing energy to flow, and our lives to restore back to balance and harmony. May we have the strength and will-power to face the areas that keep our minds spinning in order to create a more peaceful inner world. This inner peace is the fire that ignites a larger flame of healing on a universal level. As each of us heals, the whole essence of existence illuminates brighter.

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