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Weekly Insights: What Are We Chasing?...

As children, we are programmed to believe we have to chase our dreams, go after what we want, follow the money, and hold on to our visions. While the deeper meaning has good intentions, the words themselves imply that we have to seek something outside of ourselves to be happy, and that we are lucky to have a career that brings in money no matter if we like it or not. The truth is that we are our dreams. We are one with each other, the Creator, and the Universe, so aligning to what we want to become is the quickest way to bring it in. Chasing something on one end has the effect of the other end running away. Following a material object like money, will sometimes bring us the wealth at a certain cost, but other times pull us away from what we Love in order to pursue something impermanent. When we start living our dreams, having faith in that which we are most passionate about creates a pathway for success and prosperity, and it becomes a win-win situation. We become abundant doing what we Love the most. With this one precious and short life we get to live, why would we follow what someone else wants us to do, and why would we accept a career that we don’t Love in order to make more money? It all truly boils down to how we value ourselves and our lives. How do we see ourselves in this world? What do we think we were incarnated here to become? The deeper, more philosophical questions get us to the answers to our innermost beliefs.. and what we believe, we become.

Personally speaking, we have had to make some pretty major shifts and changes in our lives in order to align fully with our hearts. We have found ourselves deep in various careers, communities, and settings where all of the sudden it was revealed that what we believed we were doing was never the goal of the surroundings we were in, and changes had to be made immediately. Life has a built in compass. When we are done with a certain frequency, lesson, or vibration, then our intuition guides us to the next one. All we have to do is listen, do what we Love to do the most, and follow the gut or intuitive knowing that we naturally have inside. Sounds simple, right? Actually, it takes a strong will to deprogram the paradigms that currently run the world. It takes a strong mind and heart to choose happiness over what society perceives as success, or the right way of living. The longest hours of our days for the most days of the week, we are doing what we consider our “career”. The biggest regrets people have at the end of their lives is not pursuing their dreams. In this life, there is no space for regret. Live large, live passionately, do what you Love, and stop chasing a fantasy that is the illusion trying to pull us away from our dreams. When we are engaged in what we are most passionate about, fully and completely, then work is no longer work - it is fun, playful, and what we have always dreamed of doing. Start doing that today, even if it is only for an hour. Little by little, by committing to our dreams, our lives become carbon copies of the greatest dreams we have ever held in our hearts and minds. Stop chasing something on the outside, and start igniting the Love on the inside. Anything is possible when we believe it is.


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