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Weekly Insights: What Kind of Humans Do We Want To Be?...

In conversations with all walks of life, it is apparent that there are many different ways that people are seeing the same things that exist. We understand that this reality is born from our collective inner worlds, so what are we struggling with within ourselves that is causing us to see the human struggle on the planet? As parts of the whole, pieces of nature, and higher energies incarnated into material bodies, we feel the results of our choices on this planet. We feel each other's suffering around the world, and we feel each other's joys. There is no way of disconnecting each of us from each other and the whole, because that is how the fabric of life is sewn together. The big question is, when will our selfish human ways acknowledge that one person left behind is equivalent to us deserting ourselves entirely?

The point of this conversation is not to shine the spotlight on what is dark and decaying, but instead to be real. Each of us has so much Love inside to share with not just ourselves, but with others, and the planet itself. Sometimes the ego will fight for what is toxic for the mere fact of needing to win or be right. It's usually the need to be right or the greed to be on top, that sees a competition between forms of life instead of the coexistence that is inherit in all. Fighting to be right is the quickest way to prove that one is wrong. There is nothing to fight against when you live with integrity, and in union with life itself. It is more in the act of surrendering that we find ourselves, and the Light from which we come from, in order to activate it in our physical lives. We are only in control of our own thinking, feeling, and behaving. To act justly, for the highest and greatest good of all, is what we were born to do. So this life is the culmination of all of that Love manifesting in front of our eyes. If we are not seeing it there, then we have an obligation to start again and ignite the power of Love within ourselves in order to manifest it without.

To help each of us get back to Loving and away from the separateness, it is important to live in the present moment. It is here and now that matters the most. Whatever is in the past can be learned from, but it's important that we don't put all of our focus there. The Light needs to shine on the inside. The biggest gift we can give others is being kind and compassionate to ourselves. If we can't learn how to Love ourselves, how will we ever learn how to Love each other? One the other hand, it is imperative that our lives don't revolve around us and how we see the world. It is our duty to put ourselves in other people's shoes, and stop making everything "about me". Kindness begins with a deep sense of understanding that we are all human and no one is perfect. The worst thing we can do is to judge another being, as the things we judge, we become. Kindness is healthy when it comes with balance. The focus is not in people pleasing, but in coming to the table as a whole person to express to another whole person how we feel. It is expressing Love for both sides while acknowledging one's own beliefs, values, and needs. Listening to others, learning from people around us and nature, and observing the world with compassion, are all steps along the way. But the most important thing is that each of us must work on our stuff, clearing past traumas, and doing our diligence to keep the mind clear of negativity, hatred, and old anger. In our self-Love and self-care practices, all Truths are revealed.

We can all live together in harmony. It doesn't have to look perfect, but it also doesn't have to be violent and "my way or the highway", as so many are expressing on social platforms these days. There is only one side, one Truth, and one Love... and that is Infinite. As much as life is a paradox, it is summed up in our capacity to Love ourselves, each other, and the planet. As we learn our place and contribution to life here and now, we expand into a space of unity, oneness, acceptance, and peace. It is there that we can meet, greet, and exchange energy. Wherever there is a conversation, there is an opportunity to grow. Never give up on each other, and never give up on Peace and Love that makes us who we are. They are the foundations of all of the goodness we seek here on Earth and beyond.

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