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Weekly Insights: What Kind of World Are We Co-Creating?...

Life is a gift and a blessing. Have we forgotten how precious this lifetime is to us? We have created ways to separate ourselves from nature. We have created ways to separate ourselves from each other. Yet people go to their individual spiritual practices and proclaim goodness, kindness, compassion, mercy, unconditional Love, and our "oneness". There are a percentage of people that actually believe in what they practice and preach, but society is showing us that we are not choosing those traits as often as we could and should. We, just like most other people we talk to, are so tired of hearing about innocent people getting killed for no reason but fear. Fear is the opposite of Love, therefore, fear is hatred. We don't like what we don't understand, and unfortunately, things have been this way for a very long time in a more subtle way. America has a dark history of taking land from natives and stealing people for slavery, yet we cannot move forward from this sad past because so many want to deny it has ever happened. Our history is being rewritten in order to cover up systemic issues that desperately seek a voice to heal. Our unfortunate destiny is to repeat our painful actions until we learn how to take accountability. This story of causing pain or harm and then denying it existed, is also a part of the greater dark history of all of humanity. It trickles down from society into our homes and relationships, businesses, families, and communities. The absence of Truth is what slowly kills off the ability to heal from past pain, forgive, and move on. It is a known fact in the therapy world that we must first acknowledge the Truth of what has happened before we can then move past it, forgive it, and heal it for good. So why wouldn't we want to do that? Why do we choose to continue to loop around in darkness, when we can break free and be Light?

Studies show that the more we minimize and invalidate our personal traumas, the less we are able to grow past them, become resilient, and/or move forward. We are now at a point where climate change, racial issues, sexual identification, all types of abuses, alien activity, and even natural healing have all been lied about for so long that we are having a hard time finding our way back to the Truth. The one thing we can all do is practice integrity in our own lives by acknowledging when we have been wrong, taking ownership, and doing our part to spread Truth, and create Peace, harmony, and goodness in all that we think, say, and do. To be able to do this, we have to have humility. It is a time to allow the collective ego to fall like The Tower archetype that we are in this week. We see television networks, political figures, gurus, priests, famous stars, and our own family members being caught red-handed in lies and corruption because we are living in the times of Truth. It is an era of transparency, and no matter how hard someone tries to hide nefarious acts, they simply can no longer hide. This is good news for those who have patience to move through the current darkness we are all experiencing; however, as we are all one part of the whole, each of us is directly affected by the pain that just a few have been causing for the masses.

So what can we do to find peace in such a violent and unsettled world? First of all, remember self-care. Meditate, breathe, anoint essences, take baths, exercise, dance, sing, be creative, work, play, and find ways to relax and unwind after working hard doing what you Love. Allow yourself to go through all of your emotions in regards to your personal experiences, relationships, and what is happening in the world. Put life in perspective, seeing both the beauty and the pain, and not just focusing on problems all of the time. Utilize the moon cycles to release what is unwanted, while manifesting what is needed. Learn new things, talk to people who are different than you, and keep an open mind on things that you know nothing about. Be the change you wish to see. Don't just get mad at things that are happening, but actively BE what you want other people to be in society. Living the Truth you believe can help create that reality in your life. Connect with nature, and allow a tree, flower, bush, dog, cat, or bird to teach you in that moment. Nature is humbling and has so much to share when we are willing to listen. Listen more - to the people you disagree with, to your Love ones, to the wind, and to your heart. The more we widen our perspectives and learn about the things we don't understand, the more we open our hearts to a kind and compassionate reality of co-existence. Change takes our actions and not our complaints. It is so easy to sit in our isolated worlds and point fingers at the ones we don't understand, but it takes effort to have conversations, to listen, and to find ways to create common ground. What kind of world do YOU want to live in? Live It Now...

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