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Weekly Insights: Who Do We Follow & Why?...

This week's archetype, The Hierophant, always brings up some deep topics for us. Not only is it connected to the intelligence, communication, 5 elements, and spiritual energies of Mercury, but also represents trust, discovery, and our ability to either follow or lead others on the quest toward Truth. It is the spiritual teacher or teachings that help to guide and nurture us on our journey. When this incredibly powerful energy is in the hands of someone who leans toward greed, narcissism, and deception, then it can be extremely dangerous and cause great harm. This can take place in our spiritual communities, in our politics, in our family circles and beyond.

Spirituality is not "man-made", therefore, following so called "man-made" systems don't always take us where we desire to go. Books are written by people, stories are passed on through individuals, but experiences are felt and received personally and privately. Our personal spiritual experiences are given to us as gifts from the Universe. We are provided with deep Truths, sacred guidance, and sometimes even visions and dreams that reveal mysteries that we have been questioning. We live in the dream world for several hours every day, receiving from the unseen world. What we bring out of both these "dreams" and our waking dreams, insights, signs, and synchronicities all become our living Truths over time. No one can take our personal experiences away from us, as they often times sweep us off of our feet. However, when we have "followed" a misleading path directed by someone in power, it can cause trauma and leave scars that take years to heal. How can something so beautiful as spiritual guidance be on such a scary path of hidden wolves in sheep's clothing, deceptions, and abuse? Spiritual teachings are wonderful tools we can utilize on our journey in order to help us navigate through the darkness. Sometimes the teachings themselves lead us to the uncomfortable truths hidden behind the veil. When we are seeking a spiritual path, we have to always be aware that with the Light comes the dark. The two forces exist to balance each other out. The same is true of the darkness. When we find ourselves in a really dark place, it's important to remember that the Light is nearby. One small step toward it will release the power to transmute the energy.

We will never be the ones to say to not follow a teacher or spiritual path that we resonate with. We will give the advise to always remember that every teacher is a human being. They are dualistic individuals that are just like other people we know in our lives. They do not have super powers, they have just been studying, practicing, and learning spiritual teachings for much longer than the average human. If anything, they hold much more responsibility to be honest, neutral, compassionate, humble, and kind to others. They have a lot of temptation to be greedy, abusive, and promiscuous. It takes great strength to stay in our Light as people. It takes neutrality to choose not to take advantage of vulnerable people. Real integrity and high morality leads to doing the right thing when it would be so easy not to. Not all spiritual teachers have that strength or the will to use their strength for good, even though they preach that to others. Never let another human make decisions for you and your life. Never give your power away to another person. Honor your soul enough to listen to your own heart when it comes to living your life. Take the wisdom you receive and pour it into your own heart. Then allow your heart to lead you where you need to be. Life is way too short to just hand it over to another human that has no care for it at all. Honor your life by living it fully and completely. Life is a blessing, and it is our greatest teacher.

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