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Weekly Insights: Winter Solstice of Stillness

There is a story of a man who used a large fiberglass boat to save himself from grave danger. He was so grateful that he had this boat because it literally saved his life from drowning in a flood. After he was done using the boat, he carried it around with him wherever he went, telling everyone how the boat saved him. By not letting the boat go, he missed many opportunities that would have further helped in his growth. The energy it took to carry the boat everywhere was all he could handle. In life, when we have had an uplifting experience that makes a powerful impact or saves us from further pain, sometimes we become extremely attached to it. Our attachments hold us down to a point where we are unable to rise any further. Attachments are like parasites, feeding off of their host in order to move forward. In this waning moon and during this time of seasonal transition, contemplate the areas of life where you may have attachments. Are those attachments healthy, or are there spaces where we have lost sight of our own journey, our own power, and our own visions?

A beautiful analogy that we heard from an old philosopher named Alan Watts relates life and our spiritual growth as a revolving door. It is there to help with flow from one phase into the next, much like each lesson of our lives. If we stay in one phase too long, it is like circling around and around in that revolving door without moving onward and outward to the next lesson or phase of life. For those who choose to stay in the comfort of the revolution, it becomes very upsetting to see anyone simply walk through the door without attachment. Lessons in life work this way too. Sometimes we return to cycles of pain when we move into states of fear and self-doubt. The places that we hold onto become the starting point or reason for rejecting other people who have chosen to move on, or to other situations that are outside of that comfort zone. Where in life have we allowed ourselves to revolve around and around without making the decision to let go and move forward? This solstice time of year is one of the four most powerful times to make a positive change in the direction of our destiny in order to continually evolve and grow in new and unknown ways. We are not here to stop growing, and if we do, that is the beginning of the end. Reflect and be still in the dark days of this winter season. 2022 is a new and fresh start to self-Love, self-honoring, and manifesting harmony and peace. In order to create this new dream, we have to let go of what is not working in the old dream. Happy reflections and inner inventory. May this Winter Solstice nurture and bless us all, and may we have the courage and the inner desire to truly live and be free!

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