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Weekly Insights: Yin Water Rabbit...

Happy Lunar New Year! This year blesses us with the energy of the Yin Water Rabbit. Yin is the feminine, dark, inward, and psychic energy. Water is Yin, and it is flowing, adaptable, shifting, and reflective. The rabbit is a powerful totem of fertility, new beginnings, prosperity, and sensitivity. It is vital that we listen to our intuition, follow the inner knowing of the heart, and plan ahead for the most success, as we take big hops forward toward our goals and dreams. This is a year to have faith in the inner visions we hold for our lives, and to believe in ourselves and our passions. Our fears may come up, but that is an opportunity to overcome the shadow and take another leap forward. The Yin Water Rabbit encourages each of us to open our hearts wide to all possibilities. Life is limitless, and our creative ideas, beliefs, visions, thoughts, feelings, and wishes respond to our faith in them. As we believe all things are possible and we decide to never give up on our life mission, the universe guides us right to it and helps us to move through it.

There is an old and wise story of the tortoise and the hare. In the race between these two characters, even though the rabbit was so much faster than the turtle, the turtle was able to win due to its steady pace and determination. Even though the rabbit was much faster, it didn't really matter in the end because it was distracted and not on course. We can learn from this story as we move through the year of the Rabbit. If something is important to us, then we can give it the time and energy needed to make it a success. Carelessly speeding through something we are passionate about, is not giving it the respect and honor that it deserves. There is an abundance of goodness to harness, but it calls for our attention and effort. Planning, practicing, and giving our dreams all that we've got, is the best way to watch them grow into the amazing creations that they have the potential to become.

Rabbits create in the Spring. Remember this as we move through the four seasons of the year. Our biggest creations will thrive when we activate them in the springtime. As the greatest animal of prey in nature, also remember to be cautious, to be aware of the surroundings, and to hold intentions with purpose and clarity. When we are not paying attention or using conscious awareness, that is when we invite in adversity. Rabbits can also move with agility or be as still as a solid object, adapting to every situation that calls them to act. This is going to be a gift to harness in 2023. There is a time to take leaps of faith forward, and there are times to be still. The key is in knowing when to do both. Eating lots of vegetables, paying attention to the signs that are guiding the way, and making plans for all possibilities while staying flexible, will all provide great benefits of support this year. Fluidity is the key when working with the Yin Water Rabbit. There will be ebbs and flows along the way, but with purpose and direction, nothing can get in the way of the most abundant, joyful, and creative year ahead. We wish everyone good luck, perfect health, happiness, and Love! INFINITE BLESSINGS!

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