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Wrapped In Reality

Bundled into a dream-filled illusion,

This physical reality can cause confusion.

The world of the mind is infinite in form,

So many thoughts as the brain storms.

The mind is not who we really are,

The heart of Love is the superstar.

To argue and spin around and around,

Will only frustrate and make us frown.

Filling the mind with peace and Light,

Living in a way that makes us bright,

Will help to unify and make things right.

We have the choice to show up in Love,

Or to be hostile with a boxing glove.

Who do we want to be to each other?

A Divine inspiration or the other?

We tend to live out the ways we're treated.

Entering cycles, sometimes depleted.

No judgement, no blame, just be kind,

Kindness creates the most beautiful design.

Accepting opinions that may be different,

Having conversations that are magnificent.

Expanding beyond just you and me,

Respecting life, from tree to a manatee,

Living together as one sacred family.

Appreciate this life & our interdependence,

That part of you longing for transcendence.

It is in gratitude and Love for all beings,

That life's wings open, guiding and freeing.

Liberate your life by letting it all go,

Living in the moment and in the flow.

We don't always have the answers to know,

That's why humility is the way we grow.

So wake up each day with a prayerful heart,

Gratitude for the Light and a fresh start.

Create goodness in every situation,

Loving unconditionally is our foundation.

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