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Aromatherapy Share: Essences To Support Taking A Leap In Faith...

Leap Year gets us thinking about how we leap forward and move into a higher path with Faith and Love. There are times in our lives that we feel we are ready to shift into new gears and explore uncharted areas in who and what we are. Nature is a wonderful supporter for each of us when we are ready to take that next leap. We recommend working with Opoponax, Cedarwood Atlas, and White Cedar.


Opoponax is a gum resin and healing essential oil that offers spiritual gifts and energetic guidance to support our life lessons. She helps us to let go of fear, follow the guidance we receive from the heart, and release negativity. Opoponax offers and energetic push to rest in Faith. When life feels challenging or difficult, she is a great ally that supports our major life decisions by protecting and guiding us from the darkness to the Light. Put 5-10 drops onto the solar plexus for the will to take a leap of Faith.


Cedarwood Atlas is a tree essence that holds a gentle power. She supports staying in the present moment in order to liberate oneself from fear, negativity, and toxicity. By holding onto Hope and a positive outlook, Cedarwood Atlas encourages us to come closer to our Spirit. This amazing tree essences gives us the strength to endure life's ups and downs, and liberate ourselves from our greatest challenges in order to embrace our highest destiny. She helps us move forward in our lives with grace. Anoint 5-10 drops onto the neck and wrists for strength and encouragement.


White Cedar is an evergreen "Tree of Life" medicine that is a great offering and sacrifice from nature. She puts out positive energy that supports strong boundaries, mental clarity, and conscious thinking. This powerful medicine is meant to be used to help develop trust in the greatest good and the path that is paved ahead of us. Removing the vibrations of pessimism, negativity, and darkness, White Cedar provides strength to make one's own decisions, and feel clear and competent in the process. She teaches us that "with Love in a dream, it will always come true". Anoint 5-10 drops onto the heart to help strengthen the connection of our heart to our dreams.

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