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Beyond The Illusion..

Like a magician with tricks up his sleeve,

Deception can catch some to believe.

Our desire to think of only the good.

Not wanting to see what's under the hood.

Interesting and powerful times to live,

Information age with so much to give.

Ask questions and open the eye up high,

The truth can make a grown man cry.

Words have value when actions manifest,

This is how to help the needy & oppressed.

Follow through with the intuitive guidance,

Speak up more when trying to be silenced.

Stand for justice and all that is righteous,

Be part of the healing of the human virus.

Following Love, goodness, and virtue,

No money can pay for someone to hurt you.

Address the darkness and bring it to Light,

Allow the heart and soul to reunite.

Stop cycles of pain that have existed forever,

Stand up for what's right whatsoever.

If not now, then when will we all decide,

To call out the Truth and not to hide?

Fear has no power when the Light is on,

Praying before bed and first thing at dawn.

Angels guiding and strengthening each one,

Until humanity understands WE ARE ONE.

Permanent healing is inside of each of us,

There is no projection or idea to discuss.

Mirror reflections of where we are now,

We meet on Earth for a cosmic powwow.

Learning and growing with wisdom so deep,

Some humans choosing to stay asleep.

Pain gets projected onto those nearby,

Lashing out in anger, making others cry.

Pushing away those who could help,

Swallowed in pride too deep to yelp.

Is it worth it to use power to disrespect?

Words & actions have a powerful affect.

These senses we have are Divine in nature,

Used for the good or for creating danger.

In a Mercury year of the mind of humanity,

It's easy to choose Love over insanity.

Seal in Light and Truth every day,

Go outside, connect and play.

Life is too short to live in fear,

Justice comes when Love is near.

Have faith and keep paying attention,

Reality is simply a Divine extension.

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