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Distilling The Soul Essence...

Distilled in this Divine alchemy,

Is a Love way beyond mortality.

From doubt, confusion, and polarity,

Is a shift that brings in clarity.

The mind cleansed of right and wrong,

Neutral thinking makes the it strong.

As hard as it may be to believe,

Thoughts affect what can be achieved.

Transmuting the victim to power,

Allowing the ego to fall in The Tower.

A whole new reality begins to evolve,

Intuitive guidance provides the resolve.

The higher thoughts birth a plan,

From "I can't", to "I think I can".

Moving out of the dark night of the soul,

The authentic self is born and made whole.

Breaking away from the old tapes,

A new outlook starts taking shape.

The flow is restored within and without,

Circulating on life's roundabout.

Moving away from the group belief,

Into creative mental relief.

New ideas permeating the mind,

An attitude so personally designed.

Seeing conflict as opportunity,

And adversity manifesting unity.

What a gift it all has been,

Enjoying the journey makes this a win!

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