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Divine Spiritual Wisdom, As Taught By Dr. Levry: Quotes & Insights

Divine Plane:

Level of Thoughts, the Crown, and Higher Consciousness

  "Creation begins with activity of consciousness through vibration. Every vibration is like Source but different in the tone and rhythm. Depending on the greater or lesser degree of the vibration, that will determines the vibration in you. The main vibration is activity. When the vibration is active, it raises your consciousness to the highest level. We are in mentally and emotionally challenging times. Healing is urgently needed. Thousands of people can benefit. Vibrate the Naam. It is the musical expression of the cosmic computer."

              ~ Dr. Levry

  In order to shift out of a limited reality, we have to use a tool that supports us in vibrating at a higher frequency. Naam, or sacred sound, is a tool that helps to neutralize the mind and calm the nervous system while plugging into the Light directly through the power of the Word. It is our responsibility to hold the highest frequency that we can in order to have a positive and uplifting effect on the collective. As we work on our vibration, our energy field shifts and one by one, we help to raise the vibration of the planet. The power of healing dwells in our ability to hold space for the healing to manifest. A being that vibrates at a high vibration is a vessel that supports wellness, abundance, Love, and success. A being that vibrates low is at risk of catching disturbances and dwelling in the land of sadness, depression, and lack. As a human computer, we have to take the time to make sure our brain can hold the vibration of positivity that we wish to maintain throughout life. Plugging directly into the Light through sound is one of the most transformational practices for this alchemy to occur.

Astral Plane:

Level of Emotions, the Heart, and the Unseen World.

 "If you are challenge by someone, meditate at sunrise and sunset. Never miss a sunset. You will know before anyone deceives you."

              ~ Dr. Levry

There are tides during the day that favor us when we take the time to be still and focus on the Light. Meditating at sunrise and sunset is very good for mental and spiritual health. They are considered the "ambrosial hours" of the day and hold potent spiritual power. Sunrise brings healing, and we can expose our brain, chest, and spine to the Sun before 10am to receive healing energy. Sunset brings wisdom much like the truths that are revealed at the end of life. When we meditate at sunset, it creates a protective field around us, and helps us to know when harm is attempting to come our way.

Physical Plane:

Level of Actions, the Abdomen, and the Physical Body.

  "Doubt itself is the cause of failure. Faith in self is the key to success."

           ~ Dr. Levry

  We are what we think we are. The biggest gift we can give ourselves is our ability to have faith in what we can do. The more faith we have in our ability to succeed, the better the chances are that we will rise and truly succeed in life. Doubt crushes our Light. It is so important to breathe into the doubt and have a conversation with it when it arises. Why are we feeling doubtful, and how can we set ourselves up for success by shifting the root cause of the doubt. By instilling self-confidence and trusting our higher intuition to guide us toward our destiny, we will always find ourselves where we need to be. Create the reality you have always dreamed of in your mind, and have faith that one day you will be there.

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