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Divine Spiritual Wisdom, As Taught By Dr. Levry: Quotes & Insights

Divine Plane:

Level of Thoughts, the Crown, and Higher Consciousness

"We need to hold space for people to heal. Hold Light for the world. Look at the sunny side of things. We need intuitive intelligence so all other intelligences work right."

~ Dr. Levry

When we keep our minds focused on goodness, healing, success, Love, and compassion, we create more of that in life. Each of us is generating thought waves that manifest as physical attributes. These physical manifestations combine to create the reality we experience. We have a chance every day to contribute to the creation of a brighter and more healing world. Self-awareness provides the platform for positive change, and positive change brings us closer to our greatest potential as humanity. Inner reflection strengthens the intuitive senses that help to guide us to where we need to be. By going inward for healing, we can expand so much greater outward.

Astral Plane:

Level of Emotions, the Heart, and the Unseen World.

"We are here to spiritualize matter, not materialize spirit."

~ Dr. Levry

It is so important as humans that we remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We come to the world with nothing and leave with nothing, so our attachments are what can often times create the most pains in our lives. We can connect with the Earth, with nature, and with the things that support us on this journey without losing ourselves in it all. With balance on the inside, we are able to create balance on the outside.

Physical Plane:

Level of Actions, the Abdomen, and the Physical Body.

"Life and people may not be what you want them to be. It's not about what it is or what it may be, what matters most is your reaction to it. If you don't like what is happening in your life, your mind will be in pain and you will feel hurt. You may not be as efficient in changing it if it brings you pain. Our inner atmosphere is what will keep us healthy and balanced."

~ Dr. Levry

The way we show up to the world in our most challenging moments is what determines how we move past the obstacles. Holding on, being unforgiving, and getting stuck in the past are all reasons for problems in health and happiness to manifest. We determine how long a lesson has to stay and teach us by the way we decide to react to it. When we can accept change, not be attached to the opinions and attitudes of others, and be in the Divine flow of positive experiences with a positive attitude, there is nothing that can stop us. The key to outer success is inner mastery. Love the self, Love life, Love every challenge that appears in reality, and let go of the past. There is nothing worth the precious sacredness of life. Learn how to be in the flow, and life will continue to bless and nurture the goodness to continue to manifest.


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