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Divine Spiritual Wisdom, As TaughtBy Dr. Levry: Quotes & Insights March 2021

Divine Plane:

Level of Thoughts, the Crown, and Higher Consciousness

"Before you can learn high spiritual science, remember that you know nothing. Nothing is better than nothing. Nothing opens you up to infiniteness. Nothing breaks down into 'no thing', which is 'Ain Soph', or nothingness limitless."

~ Dr. Levry

The most spiritual people on the planet are simple, humble, quiet, and philanthropic. Why is that? When these beings have climbed the mountain of life and reached the top, they have realized that life is infinite and anything is possible. All of the things that are "known" are not important anymore, because there is so much more unknown. What matters in the end is the Love and compassion for life and for all that is good. As we are invisible to the Universe, we are initiated into higher spiritual teachings when we are able to contain it in our physical vessels. An ego that has no care for life will never be granted all of the powers of wisdom until they realize that we are all interconnected and will choose to use that power for the good of all life. Merging with the power of unconditional Love is the best way to open up to the secrets of the Universe.

Astral Plane:

Level of Emotions, the Heart, and the Unseen World.

"Strength is kindness. Kindness is the beginning of wisdom. Kindness is soft. If the heart is hard, kindness will soften it. The way of the masters is water, soft, and kindness. Water can melt away the stone."

~ Dr. Levry

It is sometimes much easier to be reactive and harsh when we are pushed beyond our limits. What is it inside of us that melts away that anger or bitterness? Sweetness, kindness, and mercy hold all of the answers. Grace is the way of water and flow. There is so much more power in the gentle softness of Love and compassion. We can go much further and be much happier when these principals are applied. When someone shows us kindness in a time of hostility, it melts away the fiery reactive responses. Kindness teaches deep lessons of what makes us human and how we can create a more Loving world by being a more Loving and compassionate being. Kindness is a great teacher and a gift to share with everyone we meet.

Physical Plane:

Level of Actions, the Abdomen, and the Physical Body.

"How do we transmute it all? With unconditional love, and not fighting each other so stupidly. By making a difference in other people's lives and pushing people up, we are able to rise together. By opening doors for other people, there is another door to go through. It is about making someone better, and touching their heart with kindness. It is reaching out to someone when they are falling apart."

~ Dr. Levry

Power is a force that can be used to help or to destroy. When you have health, happiness, and abundance, then humility, kindness, and compassion are the keys to using those gifts for the good. So many people are suffering or lacking hope for a future. Our role as a brother or sister to any human on Earth is to use our hands to lend out help when it is needed. The false belief that lifting someone else up will push another down is what has kept so many in fear and away from Love. Help others to rise and watch the effect of these actions on the whole. One small act of Love has a rippling effect of good that has endless blessings to offer.

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